crohns patient without relief

by roger wilson JR
(monticello IN)

im a crohns patient that was diagnosed over five yrs ago and have already had to go thru one small bowel resection which has made things worse for me. i cant find a stabel diet or anything that my system can handle...everything i eat or drink comes right back up or puts me thru excrutiating pain..i usually go to the rest room 20 -30 times per day and its causing lots of pain. im only 32 yrs old and feel as if im 45. my body is going thru wieght changes from 210 to 250 on a regular like to find like minded patients that could maybe shed a little light on this or someone to talk to about ways of dealing with this disease so i can live and have a normal or somewhat normal life with my four young boys...if anyone out there knows of a diet or supplement that has helped or has these same if not close problems your help would be appreciated email is surfinjeepjunky1 @ out spaces) thank you for your help ROGER wilson

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Crohn's Patient Without Relief NEW
by: Annette Young

Hello Roger,

Thank you for your post.

I'm sorry to hear that you are experiencing so much pain and discomfort. I know just how bad Crohn's disease can get and it affects so much of your life not just your health.

I hope by the time you read this, things will have settled little bit and you're able to eat more healthily, to keep the foods down and will be experiencing less pain and discomfort.

Your doctors will no doubt have talked to you about triggers that can make the condition substantially worse and I assume you will have looked into all areas of your life to avoid any potential triggers? Common triggers are stress, dairy products, spicy foods, smoking, alcohol etc and eating somethings that can irritate your intestinal track can quickly cause of flareup of some magnitude.

Similarly, if you are feeling stressed or have severe problems in your life, this can cause severe health problems.

I know people who have had success with keeping a food diary, and eliminating certain foods. They eliminated all sodas, sugary drinks and alcohol and stuck to plain water. They also lived off of soup or pureed foods for a period of time because this helped their digestive systems.

Other things include relaxation techniques and meditation, because it can help to cope with stress and to alleviate anxiety and to eliminate tension from the body. When you are wracked in pain, I'm sure there will be deeply rooted tension within your muscles.

I hope you find solace soon and do let us know how you get on.

Best of luck,

by: Anonymous

Hi my name is carol. I have been doing research for my daughter who was recently diagnosed with crohn.

In my research I have come across an eating plan by Sherry Brescia called "Great taste no pain". She maintains that in four days all crohns pain will be gone. My daughter has not tried it yet at she is still on steroids and feel well at the moment so she is probably in denial, so i cant recommend this eating plan personally, but it sounds logical. Perhaps it is worth a try.....

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