Crohn's in and outside the colon

by Chrissy
(United States)

I have serious pain all over and I don't understand how this disease can disable me like it has. Can someone help me with this? And why in the world am I having spasms and sharp pains thru out my stomach and why do my eyes hurt so bad all the time? I miss my life as I knew it before being diagnosed in 2005! Can anyone relate to me? I'm seriously so deppressed and I can't sleep!

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eye pain
by: Anonymous

I am having eye pain also. I first thought it was from pentasa but the pain did not go away after I stopped taken it. I have had all kinds of test but everything comes back normal. I am now on prednisone, but has not helped. Has anyone else taken pentasa and had eye pain?

Crohns in and outside
by: Connie S

I sympathize with you. Crohns has taken my life as well. But I am determined to get my life back. I am not getting much help from doctors either. Seems that for all the money they get they would be more willing to help, but I think they are just ruled by the almighty dollar. I pray they are in this situation some day and look for the answers that they wont provide us with. Keep your thoughts in the direction of God Almighty. He has brought me this far and I will need Him to continue to carry me and those like me. I pray for all of us who suffer this disease.

no replies
by: Anonymous

Hm, so is this an active forum? I see that no one has replied to this message? I wonder why?

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