Crohns Free for 6yrs Now Must Read

by Nikita

I will be 31 in may 2012. Two weeks after my 26th birthday during my senior year last semester in college I was rushed to the ER for an inflamed appendix. The ER did all types of test then they discovered my appendix was about to burst. I got rushed to emergency surgery while removing my appendix they discovered Crohns and removes a portion of my colon. Doctors told me I had Crohns I didn't know what it was & didn't take them serious. After staying in the hospital for 2 weeks I was released. Went home ate a burrito got sick and had to call my doctor they put me on pentasa. I tried to take them but they made me sick and I couldn't get out of bed so I stopped. By august 2006 I kept getting sick so I went to my childhood hospital for a second opinion and got a MIR & discovered my colon wasn't stiched correctly from the appendix removal I had in may 2006. They told me I would need a second surgery. After my doctor told me that I stop going to my doctor's appointments cancel them all I was tired of hearing bad news about my health. It felt like after I turned 25 my health went down the drain. A year had past its now summer 2007 & I couldn't get out of bed again I'm rushed to the ER got a MIR an absence the size of a tennis ball formed on my colon. I had to have emergency surgery but my body was too weak. For three days I had to be on anti-biotics to be able to survive the surgery. Finally thet removed the absence I was in the hospital for a couple weeks. After my second surgery I was given steroids they made me see things that wasn't there so I stop taking them. Really I haven't took any medicine in the 6 years I had Crohns and I have very small traces of it. I just go to the health food store and get only natural products and my health is on the up and up. For all those who are in pain I've been there but presciption medicine made me have worse symptoms but naturals products work better in my case.

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Crohn's free for 6 years NEW
by: Annette Young

Hi there,

Thank you for your post. I am so sorry to read of all you have been through. I can understand you not wanting to have anything more to do with the medical world but I do need to advice you that Crohn's doesn't merely go away. It does however go into a remission period and this can last for some years but is always likely to just suddenly flare-up. I worry that you are not taking any prescribed medication because medication will keep it under control.

The thing is with Crohn's disease, no-one really knows why it happens. Yes, if there are others in your family who had it - parents for example, you would have had more chance of getting it. But while there is much to aggravate - stress, diet, smoking etc, it's impossible to know the actual cause. It's also frustrating to know that there is no known cure for it.

I am a firm believer in natural health solutions but to the best of my knowledge there is nothing that can prevent the disease, only to help manage it. It's important you establish any potential triggers so you can avoid them and be prepared that you could suddenly get a flare-up. Please do go and seek medical advice if this happens.

I wish you the best of luck,


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