crohns diseasr

by nicola

i have crohns disease and 7 months ago i had an operation 2 remove my small bowel! all went well. wud i b able to get pregnant now?

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U never know
by: Anonymous

Just because you have CD doesn't mean you can't have a baby. Yes you have less of a chance than some but the younger you are the better your chances, or so I've read. See a speacialist and I don't mean just a GI. You'll be fine!

by: Anonymous

I had 2 feet of the small bowel removed , and i ended up having a healthy baby boy, that was 16 years ago :) ... i have had crohns for over 20 years,,,, was diagnosed at the age of 18 , I hope your venture goes well.... good luck to you... and remember that doctors arent 'all knowing' they are only text book, .... everyones body is different....

Crohns and pregnancy
by: Anonymous

I wouldnt know if its alright to get pregnant but I do know that doctors say its fine to have your own baby. However I personally would not be able to take the pain of the birth and contractions on top of the pains that come with Crohns Disease.

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