Crohn's Disease

by Bobbie
(Zephyrhills, Florida)

My name is Bobbie. I was just diagnoised with crohn's disease. My doctor said that I have had it for many years. I have had trouble with my bowels since 1992 and I have been in the hospital for 13 times in the last 6 years for small bowel blockage. Even though I have had it for many years, it is new to me now. I am looking for some support. I am unable to eat foods that I would normally eat. I am trying not to but that is not working. I have flare ups and several blood test and other test. How do you learn to live with it and to control your eating. Is there suggestions on what you can eat. I would appreciate anyones help with this. I also need someone or more people that have crohn's to talk with or email with. Thank you.

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Crohn's Disease NEW
by: Annette Young

Hello Bobby,

Thank you for your post. I'm really sorry to hear that you have been diagnosed with Crohn's disease, but if you've been having trouble with your bowels for a long time, the chances are it was always Crohn's disease grumbling away. It can be a real shock to the system when you get the actual diagnosis and there starts a learning process.

Crohn's is quite nasty disease and as you probably know now it's an incurable one, it can completely disrupt your life through bouts of pain, nausea, diarrhea and even constipation. So it can be unpredictable and a natural approach is the best way of dealing with it. Learning about the disease is beneficial and trying to stay one step ahead by taking a fluidic approach - i.e. going with the flow can help.

I know that is not easy to do that when you have a life that may be filled with schedules and responsibilities, but if you can keep this in mind, you may find it helps. I can see that other people have suggested to you about keeping a food diary and this is really useful but you can also turn it into a lifestyle diary to work out if there are external triggers as well is food triggers.

I am a firm believer in taking a natural approach to life and I know that too much stress in your life can certainly be a big trigger for Crohn's disease. So it is a case of eliminating any stressors if you can. When I say a natural approach is good, I do not mean that you should not take medication. There are many types of medication for Crohn's disease out there and it is a case of trial and error until the doctors find you the one that seems to suite your individual needs.

Even when, hopefully, the symptoms ease, unless you're told otherwise by your doctor, carry on taking your medication as it can cause problems should you come off of your meds. I know having a blockage can be quite frightening and it can make you worry about the foods that you are eating.

Eliminate dairy foods if possible; eat simple foods, definitely nothing spicy. Eliminate smoking and alcohol and try to exercise when you feel well and rest when bouts of fatigue sweep over you. If you have trouble digesting your food then you can also opt for soups and pureed foods.

I hope this helps and you are managing to get your crohn’s under control. Do let us know.


by: Anonymous

Hi Bobbie, I have only recently been diagnosed with Crohns disease over the past year and unlike other people with Crohns very rarley have flare ups only ever had 2, but they were horrid stomach cramps and toilet trips like you wouldn't believe. I have not really stopped eating any foods but I have been advised that fish and dairy products are good for you, and you may find you need to take a vitamin D supplement. Good Luck and keep well :)

by: Bobbie

Thank you Michelle, I appreciate your suggestions. I have been keeping a food and symtom diary. This is so new to me and my doctor wants me on a bland diet because he feels that there is still an obstruction in the small bowel. Monday I go for a small bowel series again. If it is still there then I may have to have surgery. He is trying to avoid that. We have no support group anywhere near where we live (Zephyrhills). So there is no one to talk to about this. I really appreciate you writing me back. I hope we can become friends and stay in contact.

Food Diary
by: Michelle


Keep a food diary that will help you eliminate the foods that really bother you. If you like you can email me at

Good Luck and Good Health


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