Crohn's Disease- The devil I know

by janette Butt
(Blaketown, Nl, Canada)

Hello everybody. My name is jen and I am new to this forum. I need to connect with others who have danced with this devil we call Crohn's. I was diagnosed in 1998 but I guess, like alot of you, I was sick for several years b4 that. By the time I did get a correct diagnosis, I had about 18 inches of my small bowel ( terminal ilieum) diseased to the point that it resembled a hard plastic rubber hose. 12 years and two surgeries later, here I am. I am not working and I am going downhill. I wanted to ask you guys, have any of your docs perscribed narcotics for you? I have been on narcotics for years because of the pain from strictures and scar tissue and I am at the point where I don't know if I even need them anymore...I think its the morphine thats making me go downhill. I am desperate. I have been having recurring urinary tract infections that won't go away (even the urologist says that i have to live with it, be in tune with my body and get treatment when it flares up) I wake up every night with cold sweats and my skin is cold and clammy most of the time and I really don't know if its an infection or the crohn's or morphine withdrawal. all I know is that I feel like crap and its like a vicious circle.. I would appreciate any suggestions or advise or even just a chat with someone who knows what I am going thru God bless you all .

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