surgery for crohns

by lateef uddin
(Manhattan, KS, USA)

My mother is suffering from crohns disease for past 4 years and her condition is worsening day by day. I would like to know if there is any surgery that can be performed instead of medications and treat crohns? Is there any hospital in india or any other country which does this surgery?

I wud be thankful if someone cud provide me with this piece of information as soon as possible.....

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by: Anonymous

the only surgery is removing the area of bowel that is diseased.Go talk to a good doctor who can get your mum to specialist usually they do a colonoscapy to have a good own surgery was a illeostomy and that stopped a lot of crohns side effects,especially fistulas.its abig op tho,and scary having to go through something like that but for me the pros far out wayed the cons.GOOD LUCK TO YOUR MUM..


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3 surgeries, uti, abcess and seizure

by tara

My ex-husband, now best friend had his 3rd surgery for chrohn's. last one required a twmp. illeostomy. after surgey developed abcess and had to have a drain put in. was on his way to hospital for post op check, felt funny and fell and had a bad seizure with confusion that lasted a few hours. Very weak and so far test can't tell why he had seizure. Are these related. i am a nurse and afraid this can lead to stroke. Any info would help. Me and our kids are 3 hours away from the hospital he's in and don't know if we should go now or wait. CT head normal.

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3 surgeries, uti, abcess and seizure
by: Anonymous

Seizures can be caused by severe dehydration and mineral deficiencies. They can also be caused by medication side-effects, anaesthesia reaction (can take months to recover from an anaesthetic), etc. For side-effects and drug interactions see: or

The output of the ileostomy should be checked (daily collection and weighed - over a 3 day period). This can be done at home. Ideally a 3-day stool fat analysis should be done to discount intestinal failure (reversible in most cases). However, this is rarely done. Blood beta-carotin levels are a good indication of fat (mal)absorption should he have shiny, fatty stool with bile - steatorrhoea.

The output of an ileostomy should not exceed 600 ml/g. Diarrhoea in a healthy person is defined as over 200 ml fluid output daily.

I refer you to one of the best articles on intestinal failure and diet that I have found on the internet. It is worth a read:

All Crohn's patients are at risk of thrombosis: ischaemic stroke, ischaemic heart attack, DVT, pulmonary embolism, etc. It is critical that patients drink the necessary 1.5-2 l a day.

I don't think that he is drinking enough to compensate for the temporary lack of colon and he has not increased his salt intake accordingly. He should have been advised by the doctors about this. But, it is a massive operation and he might not have been with it when they explained it to him.

I suggest that he discusses with his doctor the wisdom of taking a vitamin-B complex tablet and a sachet of oral rehydration salts each day. He can make his own ORS. Fish oil as a source of fat-soluble (A, D, E, K) vitamins - but not more than 3 g/day - FDA warning regarding mercury content.

Absorption of nutrients can be increased by taking a proton pump inhibitor. However, this can lead to deficiencies in B12, calcium, vitamin D and magnesium.

It could be that he is not looking after himself properly and has not understood the advice of the doctors. I had no one to look after me after my operation so I know that it is possible to recover by oneself. However, the odd Care Packet wouldn't have done me any harm.

Sweets, chocolate, cocoa, fatty foods, fresh fruit (except bananas), salads, leafy greens, etc., will all exacerbate diarrhoea.

He should avoid seeds, pips, skins, nuts, whole wheat, fatty fast food, and high fibre fruit and vegetables, etc. He might have to mash and puree until his gut is sufficiently stabilised.


by: Vanessa

Hello Tara,
I am so sorry he had to go through that. Last year, I have had several surgeries, perotonitis, abcesses and infections and I did not have any seizures. I am sorry I do not know if is related and my friends who have had surgeries and complications never told me they have had seizures. Good luck

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Well my husband has had chron's disease since he was the age of 8, that makes it 12 years of Chron's. He has like a bridge connecting from his intestine (or stomach) to his bladder. So when he uses the bathroom, bubbles come out. It has gotten to the point where he had to schedule an appointment for surgery. This is his first surgery, he has turned it down many many times. He feels so bad that he just wants to feel good. He says he wants a normal life with his family.

Is there anyone who can give me any advice for him?

He is very nervous and he doesn't know what to expect. The reason why his Chron's has gotten worse is because he stresses about EVERYTHING. He falls asleep thinking. He doesn't know how to control himself of thinking far beyond and he knows that this is what causes his flare ups.

His surgery is soon and I want to give him faith that he can live a normal life (we know that he will be drinking medicine for the rest of his life.)

Thank you in advance.


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Surgery NEW
by: Annette Young


Thank you so much for your message.
I am very sorry to read that your husband is having such a bad time of it. I am sure he is fed up with living in pain and probably feels angry and frustrated. If he has to have an operation and is fearful of it, this will certainly make his condition worse.

Stress is a huge factor and can make the condition so much worse. At one time, it was believed that stress was the cause of Crohn's disease although we now know that this is not the case.It certainly acts as a trigger though and should be avoided at all costs.

If your husband is feeling very nervous and anxious, then he might benefit from learning some relaxation techniques. If he practices deep breathing techniques, and learns to let go of anxieties, he may well find that the condition improves a little. He could try meditation too. This can be used as a wonderful healing resource too and can calm the mind as well as to release tension in the body.

The hardest thing with this disease is accepting it and learning to live with it. Many people battle anger and frustration but accepting it will help to some degree.

I hope this helps and his hospital treatment helps him.

Best of luck to you all,


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Emergency surgery found crohn's in my sister

by Susie
(Tullahoma, Tennessee)

My sister had IBS symptoms for years and had a colonoscopy 5 years ago with the diagnosis being IBS again. She had emergency surgery Friday the 27th of March and had to have 60% of her colon on the right removed and one foot and 1/2 foot removed of her small intestine removed, evidently this is considered a resection. She is in horrific pain, and food taste awful to her. I want to help her, I told her to rinse her mouth out with aloe juice,,,,,she did and her mouth felt much better, and she was able to eat that night something soft.

My question is can she drink aloe juice, she has not been put on any meds yet for the Crohn's, she is just post op one week plus 3 days as of today. I want to help her any way that I can.

What can she eat? Will she be able to gain back the weight she is losing? Please help a sister help a sister.

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Specific Carbohydrate Diet helps !
by: Chris Olson

My wife and many others we've told have had great success with the Specific Carbohydrate Diet. Check for this online, and also the book "Breaking the Vicious Cycle" explains the science of the diet, as well as provides a list of legal foods and recipes too

by: Anonymous

Well after much time has passed my sister is now better, she is eating small meals, and taking some form of alternate to remicaide. Still has problems with eating a food she knows will give her grief for a few days. She no longer smokes, or drinks alcohol. Fried foods are out of her diet. No nuts, no popcorn, lots of bland food, but she says worth the health benefit.

My son who was diagnosed with Crohns last year. Admitted to hospital with an almost 100 % blockage in his small intestine. His colonosopy showed several ulcers that after biopsy was performed, confirmed the Crohns, he was started that day in the hospital with Remicaide infusions.

The Remicaide is very expensive, and he does have insurance, but his percent he has to pay, is about $500.00 every 8 weeks. If you do not have insurance, the company that makes Remicaide, sometimes with the help of your Doctor, will give you samples, and help with the Remicaide infusions.

He usually gets a very bad headache after each infusion lasting about a day, and over time has started getting a skin rash, but states that both are worth having no pain, and the ability to eat.!

Very worth looking into.

He is 100 % better. He has gained weight, and has no pain, or very little with eating the wrong foods. He has stopped smoking, and hasnt had any alcohol for many, many years. He also eats about 6 to 7 times a day. He finds that not overloading his stomach helps with digestion. He no longer gets to enjoy fried foods, and trys to cook all that he eats. Staying away from processed foods.

I hope this is helpful to some.

Susie the sister
Susie the mom of a crohns patient

new use of Golden Seal for helping Crohns?
by: susie

I have purchased Golden Seal for my son, and I have encouraged my sister, who has Crohns, to try as well. My son is having good results with Golden Seal from an organic farm in Georgia. One dropper full 15 minutes before meals.

emergency crohns
by: tom charlton

hi susie i am tom i can understand what you are going through i am going through the same thing . My wife has had all her large colon removed and nearly all her small bowel removed and also a kidney all through crohns . your sister has a large amount of bowel left so the best advise i can give is a high fibre diet and isotonic drinks they are full of vitamins , if she has a colostomy bag keep away from nuts and anything with seeds as this can cause a blockage and is very painful .ask the consultant about remicade for her treatment of crohns . all the very best for the future . tom

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crohns after surgery

by june

still going to toilet after surgery all mtests clear

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Crohn's after surgery NEW
by: Annette Young

Hello there,

Thank you for your post. I'm sorry to hear that you are still having problems; I completely agree with Peter that you need to go back to your doctor and to seek additional answers. You need to see physical evidence of the intestines and to ensure that there are still not areas of damage and to see whether there is any additional help that can be given to you.

I hear many people who are less than happy with medical assistance and advice and although hopefully this is not the case, if you find that you are receiving very little help and, feel as if you're banging your head against a brick wall, then it would be time to change your doctor. Your health is of the utmost importance and only you know how you truly feel, if you feel that something is still wrong then unfortunately you will have to push for assistance. When you have been through the mill in terms of your health, fighting for additional help may be the last thing you want to do but hopefully your doctor will be completely supportive and will get things sorted in no time.

Crohn's disease can be so nasty and aggressive and the effects can be far-reaching. Personally, I would make plenty of notes about how I felt, my symptoms and any particular concerns so that when I went back to the doctors I was able to give them physical representation rather than just discussing it with them. At the end of the day the more information you can give them, the greater help they can give you.

I am sure that there are many people reading this who are very supportive and understanding of what you're going through, so you are not alone. I hope that by nagging at the medical profession and stating your case, you will get the help you need.
Please do let us know how you get on.

Best of luck,


Surgery and toileting still... NEW
by: Peter Bray

Your surgery may have removed the most damaged portion of your intestine, but other areas may still be severely irritated...think abut it and ask your doctor to see a video-camera'd colonoscopy of your colon to see where the problem areas are...ask questions, whether they are pleasant of not--it's your life...if one doc won;t or cn't answer them, fond another who will--

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Surgery for Crohn's

by Bridget

Been diagnosed with Crohn's October 06 and had surgery 6 weeks ago (double resection). Am off all meds now and Doctors tell me that I am now in remission.
I know Crohn's is incurable and am just wondering how long remissions last usually after surgery.

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My expierience
by: Steve

I had my surgery back in 1993 and since have been off all medication and for the most part feeling fine. I am now, for the first time in 15 years starting to feel like I am having some issues again although after that long of a time span, I am refusing to believe it's back. I think I might be an exception to the rule but just wanted to let you know that there is hope of forgetting about it for a long time!

Remission & how long?
by: Shell

Bridget, I am from QLD and had surgery in 2006. I have had some flare ups since and was told to stay on all medications after surgery to allievate symptoms in the future. The specialist actually stated that it more viable for a patient to continue on medication & is proven to be affective post operatively. Every one is different as to how long remissions last. Every week I usually have some symptom or side affect from the disease. I have pain every day rating from small niggly type to cronic spasms that last for hours at a time. I still manage to work fulltime but am on holidays at present due to an infection. You can email ne on would love to hear from you. Shell

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Been told i need surgery due to large stricture in large bowel!


Hi not been on any forum before, so its new to me, ive been told I need a extended right side hemicoletomy due to a large stricture in my large bowel. had crohns for nearly 9yrs now and its my first op! has anyone had this op before? and whats it like? is life better after or are you always running to the loo! thanks for any information would put my mind at ease.... thanks

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by Kevin

Has anyone had a Laparoscopic resection of the Ileum done? I had mine about six weeks ago. The hospital was great but not very good about educating me about what to expect during follow up. Thanks in advance, Kevin.

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I am not sure if this will help but I have had crohns for 30 years. I am 50 now & at 24 years old I had 1 1/2 feet of bowel removed including my ilium. When I came out of syrgery, I came out with an ileosomy of which I had no idea of what it was.Think of that... but it is all about attitude and my attitude was that I was grateful for anything to take away the pain.
I have had my bowel reconnected since 1987,for 20 years now and I am doing fine. I still have a fistula that has been draining and my only problem is that it fills up into an abcess sometimes.
I will say that you should talk to your doctor about having a b-12 shot once a month. My wife gives me a b-12 shot because the ilium produces b-12 and I don't believe that you can eat or take a pill to get b-12 in your system.
This is my 1st responce to anyone. I hope this helps...

fish oil for crohns disease
by: bec wa

HI kevin yes iv had this surgary when i was 14 now 33 has tour doc told u that u may need b12 injections . I also had surgary again in small int,and now i can only eat small amounts of food at once but i eat alot in the day but u should b fine after my first surgary on my ileum plus 2 half inches of sml int i remaned in remission for 16yrs so b positive mind over matter workes for me and allways b happy it helps alot.

bowel resection
by: Anonymous

Hi Kevin,
I just had a resdction done last week. I too am confused on how am I supposed to be feeling in terms of recovery. I still have pain inside and out, have diarrhea, and fatigue. The site is very tender to the touch and bloated. How did you feel after surgery? Maybe we can compare our results.

Thanks, Katie

resection surgery
by: Anonymous

Hi Kevin,
I just had a resdction done last week. I too am confused on how am I supposed to be feeling in terms of recovery. I still have pain inside and out, have diarrhea, and fatigue. The site is very tender to the touch and bloated. How did you feel after surgery? Maybe we can compare our results.

Thanks, Katie

by: Shawna

Yes I had my done in April. They took about 16 inches, part of my colon, an ovary and a folopian tube. All in all I feel the best I have in years. No pain whats so ever. It was worth it. Except for the fact that my stomach looks like a Rand McNally road map with all the surgeries I have had, but hey that is the price you have to pay to stay healthy. =)
Good Luck!!


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Recovery from Surgery?

by Mark

My son, 23, recently underwent abdominal surgery and is recovering. Attempting to find ways to get nutrients into his system to rebuild body mass.

I believe medical professional do not take nutrition needs seriously. Looking for nutrition requirements and how people eat them into system.

mdmeyers @

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Fiscular Surgeons

by Jerry Barcia
(Pensacola, Florida)

My wife has two holes in her small intestines that will not heal on their own due to poo blood circualtion (fisculars). Are there surgeons that specialize in this field and if so can you tell me wh and where they are located.

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surgery for crohns disease

by t. senese
(chicago, il)

is there people out there who have had a good experience with surgery? has is come back? how severe is your case? how long have you had it? why did they decide to operate? inflammatory or strictured?

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Grieving After Crohn's Surgery

by tlc_79
(Adelaide, Australia)

Hi All

I am a 32 year old female Australian who has just been diagnosed with Crohn's after an emergency ambulance trip, urgent blood transfustion and midnight emergency surgery on my ruptured bowel.

I guess I am feeling quite angry/frustrated because I have been trying to seek medical attention for what I believed was a serious bowel condition for over 4 years but nobody would refer me to a Gastro as they just wrote it off as IBS.

So it got to the point where I took my first ambulance trip in January this year, and my 5th just this month in December, when they discovered that, even though they had recently done blood tests which had come up bad, I needed an immediately blood transfusion as my organs were shutting down.

An x-ray immediately thereafter indicated a ruptored large bowel so surgeons were called in for emergency surgery at 2am on Sun 4 December.

Surgery went well and I now have a temporary (but they won't guarantee that) Ileostomy.
Four days later pathology results showed I have Crohn's.

Generally I have tried to stay positive as I always am and feel at least it's a push for a healthier lifestyle and after 4 years of Chronic pain at least I have an answer and can receive proper treatment.

I guess I just feel angry that things had to go this far when I was already having CHRONIC symptoms for years.

Also I have beeen feeling very alone as even the most supportive family members just don't seem to understand what I am going through. Ie I am only out of hospital by a few days and still in chronic pain from the surgery and complications and I have family members offering to drop off plants so I can start a veggie patch so I 'have something to do'! And another family member wanting to come up and put the Christmas tree up together when they are aware that I am under strict orders to have plenty of rest and nap twice a day until the surgery pain and complications have healed a bit better.
Then my partner on a few hours of an afternoon I had designated to rest due to chronic pain asking if I could just put on and hang out 4 loads of washing quickly first. (I am not meant to be bending down to the floor based front loader or hanging clothes, lifting washing baskets etc).
Then I hear him saying on the phone jokingly that I have been told to take it easy and am not listening to anyone! Arrrrgh!

I know they mean well and have been fantastic but at the end of the day it just feels like they don't really understand as they cannot feel the pain and the emotional impact of what I am experiencing.

There is a support group nearby that I will definitely join asap but being just before Christmas I thought a chat forum might be a good idea in the meantime.

Thank you for listening - well reading - and I look forward to any advice that can be offered.

Many Thanks


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Grieving and Guilt NEW
by: Annette Young

Hi all,

I felt obliged is to write another response because having read through all of the messages in connection with this post, I can see that in addition to anger there is also a lot of frustration and even strong feelings of guilt.

Unfortunately Crohn's disease is often a secretive disease with many sufferers trying to simply deal with it themselves. They are embarrassed by their many trips to the loo and they tend to shut themselves away until things start to settle down again.

The real solution is to take the fear out of the disease and I know that that this is not easy simply because it can be such an aggressive disease and seemingly flare-up any time. Understanding the disease and getting the correct diagnosis is half of the battle, the other part is learning to live with it, because there is no cure so making life as good as it can be.

Communicating to others about the disease is important because if more people understand the full symptoms and severity of Crohn's, they will be a lot more sympathetic.

This includes telling bosses and work colleagues what is happening as well as partners, friends and family. No one with Crohn's should feel ashamed or embarrassed to have this condition.

Sadly, until diagnosis has been confirmed many people do seem to believe that the symptoms are in the sufferers mind and that there's nothing really wrong. I appreciate that the guilt associated with disbelieving is very strong but be kind to yourself and instead turn your energies to something positive and think how much you can help by being supportive to those around you.

Crohn's is a fairly aggressive disease and it is a scary one too. There is a lot of information about Crohn's and this is readily available and the more that sufferers learn about the condition, the greater their ability to be able to overcome it.

The key is to embrace a more simplistic way of life and learning to be intuitive to the disease, understanding when a flare-up is likely and resting when it happens if possible.

One day there may be a cure for this disease but in the meanwhile, it is simply a case of trying to cope as best as you can and for people to support each other.

I wish everyone good luck.


Grieving After Crohn's Surgery NEW
by: Annette Young

Hello there,

Thank you so much for your post, I hope by the time you're reading this you are feeling a bit better.

Many people suffer with the symptoms of Crohn's disease without receiving the full diagnosis and this can go on for weeks, months or even years so I completely understand why you're feeling angry and frustrated.

The problem that seems to occur again and again is that the symptoms of Crohn's disease are similar to others including IBS and it can be incredibly difficult to get an accurate diagnosis. Although many of the symptoms are the same, no sufferer experiences the pain and frustration in the same way.

I can appreciate the you have tried to stay positive whilst experiencing such chronic symptoms and positive thinking is the best frame of mind to have. But when you are constantly wracked with pain and fear also takes a hold, it can certainly be difficult to stay positive.

As you say, you do least now have the correct diagnosis and steps can be taking to alleviate much of the discomfort by trying to source the best medication for you. Try the prescribed medications but if they do not work for you, do not be afraid to go back and ask for help.

Crohn's disease can have such a negative impact on your life and potentially more so in the early stages of diagnosis because although you will experience relief at having been diagnosed finally, you then have to come to terms with how the disease is going to affect you on an individual level.

You may experience nausea, abdominal cramps, headaches, diarrhea and most likely, you will experience fatigue too. Sometimes feeling fatigued can be quite overwhelming and it is hard for others-friends, family, to completely understand what you are going through.

Bottling up your emotions would be the worst thing that you can do at this moment. And, you need to let out the frustration that you are feeling and to confide in your partner your friends and family and explain to them how this condition makes you feel.

It is a secretive condition in that many people do not talk to others about it, they try to hide it but people will not be able to understand unless they have the truth communicated to them.

Stress can certainly make the condition worse, so do try to keep any anxieties to the minimum. Not easy I know, but stress has been officially identified as a trigger and can cause flare-ups.

Eat a sensible, simple, well-balanced diet, avoiding spicy food and you may wish to eliminate dairy food too. Drink plenty of plain water, do not smoke and avoid alcohol. This should stop any of the usual triggers and once your Crohn's is under control, you should have less aggressive symptoms.

But do bear in mind that Crohn's disease can be extremely unpredictable and aggressive and you may have some very nasty bouts and then nothing for a long time.

Hope this helps and wish you the best of luck.


Thank you all so much NEW
by: Tanya Castle

Hi All

Thank you all so much for your feedback, really appreciated!
I am a bit hopeless/slack with computers (even for my spritely young age of 32 LOL!) and have been back in and out of hospital since so I am sorry for my late reply. (I had a stomach ulcer and some reactions to medication but all good now).

I hadn't even seen the last two comments.

To the gentleman who wrote of his wife and people thinking it's in your head as I was even getting to that point myself, I thought I had Munchenhausens Syndrome or Hypochondria! And my family admitted similar feelings after the fact as we just weren't getting any answers and I had so much emotional stuff going on too! Gee 18 years is a long time to go undiagnosed!

So as much as it sucks to have a Chronic Illness, at least it is good to know what is happening and have the appropriate treatment.

Overall I'm feeling a lot more positive about things, but still get very scared of what the future can hold, especially when you read books written by people with Crohns who've had 17 operations in 17 years including a historectomy!

But things could always be worse.

So Thanks again for all your support.
It's lovely to log on here and not feel so alone.

Thank you for the California Christmas wishes too, sorry, I couldn't see your email address?

Kind Regards

Tanya :-)
South Australia
Age: 32 years old. (born 1979)
Bowel Rupture and Emergency Bowel Resection and Ileostomy 4 December 2011.
Consequently diagnosed with Crohn's 8 December 2011.
Unsuccessfully seeking referral to Gastroenterologist for symptoms since approx. 2007. (dismissed as IBS.)
No known family history of Crohn’s.

Hope you are healing well NEW
by: Anonymous


Really sorry to hear what you have been through. It sounds like you have had an awful time. I can understand your frustration, when you have known within yourself that something was wrong, but never got a proper diagnosis from the doctors.

I am a 29 year old female. I emigrated to Western Australia from the UK in May 2011. For years before that In had a lot of issues with constipation, bloating and heartburn. I went to the doctors a few times. All they did was prescribe me with a laxative and Ompeprazole for the acid reflux. At one point I ended up with gastritis and went to the docs. They found out I had Helicobacter Pylori and gave me antibiotics to treat that.

When i got to Australia, a couple of months in, things started to get progressively worse. My tummy was really bloated and gassy and i'd lost weight. I then started to have pain in what felt like my bladder and nightly fevers. A few trips to the doctors later, they suspected appendicitis. A CT scan confirmed an abcess in the small bowel and thickening of the bowel wall, which was confirmed as Crohns disease . I got admitted to hospital where they tried to treat the abcess with antibiotics. It didn't work so they did a small bowel resection. That was in September 2011. Was all a bit of a shock really and I find myself thinking about the disease at some point everyday. Every time I have a little twinge I think that the disease is back. My husband says I'm my own worst enemy and if I keep thinking like that the disease will come back.

After the surgery I was on antibiotics for 3 months. I only took them for 2 as I started to feel like they were doing me more harm than good. They seemed to stop the diarrhea, but that's now come back recently. Not every day, but most days. I've also not managed to gain any weight since the surgery so I'll be seeing a dietician soon to see if they can help me. I'm also going for an iron infusion on 16th of this month so hopefully that combats some of the tiredness!

P.s. my brother in Scotland has Crohn's disease too. He's had it for 9 years.

Hope you are starting to heal and coming to terms with what you have had to endure. Take care.x

your not alone NEW
by: Anonymous

i just want to say how sorry i am about what you have been through, i am 33 years old and have been suffering from chrons for the past 13 years now i was diagnoseied just after having my daughter.
It is a very hard illness to diagnose as every chrons patient can be very different, i have had 2 lots of surgey the last one being just over 18mths ago and i am going in for a 3rd operation in the new year to have whats left removed and a colostomy, i am eventually going to get some sort of life back, i know it is very hard for people to understand the illness until you have actualy been there it is so tiring and hard to deal with yourself never mind trying to explain it to family / friends you must remember you are not alone and please rest and take things at your own pace there is only you that knows your body xx
please feel free to email me on should you want to talk, Have a good xmas xx

Grieving NEW
by: Anonymous

My wife had crohns symptoms for 18 yrs before they diagnosed her when she had a tumor in her abdomen. It grew around her appendix and caused it to burst as well, almost killing her. They reomoved the whole ight side of her colon (small intestine). So now we say she has a 'semi-colon'. It wasn't till then that they diagnosed it. All the dr.s she went to for all those years told her it was all in her head and that the symptoms of losing 30 lbs. in 2 weeks, was her mind shutting off food because she though she was fat. It got so bad over the years that I, her husband the one she should have been able to count on, started believing it was inher haed too. For that I am ashamed! It's no that I didn't take care of her, I just didn't believe she was sick. are trying to get used to the fact that you have it, and so is everyone else. My wife almost died form that incident, that was about 20 years ago and people belive her now,,but they don't understand it. The best thing I can suggest is for everyone to get educated. The more that everyone knows about it, the better. All of the inconsistencies and things that come up when you're sick, will have some kind of explatation. Nobody will know your pain and problems until they to have it, like, our son, who at 25 was diagnosed too. All the times 'mom' was sick and missed his school meetings, plays etc. He finally understands why she missed them. Why she had to leave in the middle of his highschool graduation, etc. He repects her so much more now, because he 'knows'. With all the research and studies they have now, they didn't have back then, so the information is out there. Run off sheets for your friends and family, tell them, 'Here.... this is what I have, this is what it does to me, deal with it, minus the snyde remarks. It's not easy for me either!'
Hopefully you have enough compassionate people in your life to help you through it. Most important, theres no one to blame, so try not to get angry, it just causes you more physical problems. Stress is a big trigger, so try to chill. I hope and pray the best for you. I don't have it, but I've been around it for a long time. You have the disease, but it doesn't have you. How you react to it will make all the difference in the world.
May God bless you and Merry Christmas from California. Feel free to email me to bend my ear. I need the therapy too.

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4 surgeries in 2 months

by dan henry
(mifflintown PA)

ive had 4 bowel resection surgerys in an 8 week hospital stay ,along with phnemonia,pelvic absess ,gallstones and gallbladder removal,spinalblocks to relieve spasms,and a staff infection.

i have gone from 150lbs, to 110 lbs,

i've lived with chrons since i was 5 ,i am now 42 years old.I have had surgery in the pas but this one was alot worse.

i am home now trying to recover, I have no appitite,and if not for my wifes support i would not have made it this far.

But i have a problem,,, my eyes hurt when i move them amy direction,is this due to my weight loss???

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4 surgeries in 2 months
by: JoAnne

I read in a book about Crohn's effecting your eye's. I know that I can't wear contacts after being dignosised with crohn's. Something about it drys your eyes out too much. Make appointment with your eye doctor and he or she will tell you more about what crohn's will do to your eye's.

by: Anonymous

I'm not sure if the problem with your eyes is related to your weight-loss, but I think it might be. My 19-year-old son has just been diagnosed with Chrons but has been suffering since last fall. From Sept. to Feb. he lost over 50 lbs., from 210 to 150. Starting in February, and this has happened 4 times now, he has had severe reactions with his eyes, he couldn't open them properly, he described them as "bursting", and they would tear. We took him to emergency on 3 occasions and he has seen an eye specialist and they can't find anything wrong. They gave him some steroid drops which didn't do much. Each episode lasts about 4 or 5 hours. It was interesting to read your question because it made me think of what David has gone through. You have both lost about the same amount of weight. I can't give you an answer, but my comment may help. I'm going to show David your comments. Good Luck.

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scaring tissue after surgery



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surgery to correct repeated bowel obstructions

by Jennifer Bowser

Bad pain since my double bowel resection and my triple hernia repair anyone have this...

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surgery for crohn's disease

by maria
(Trinidad W.I.)

can a person contract crohns disease from having sexual intercourse?

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Stretching a bowel narrowing

Hi I've had Crohns for 30 years for the last 4-5 years i've had a narrowing there is crohns present in this narrowing. Yesterday I went for yet another Colonoscopy (Painful) they noticed a Polyp and the narrowing was even narrower they couldn't get the scope through it. I was told I may have to go back for the polyp removed and the narrowing stretched, previously they told me that the narrowing couldn't be stretched because it was 2inches long. As anyone else had a narrowing stretched and did it work?

thanks Chris

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Stretching a bowel narrowing
by: Chris

Hi I had the narrowing stretched and the polyp removed and my specialist put me on Humira (Adalimumab) Injections which seems to have relieved the Crohns and relieved the pain so all is well at the moment(touch wood). The stretching and the polyp removed op. I was in and out in a couple of hours and it was a little painful but nowhere near as bad as I thought it would have been. I hope this as been a help to you Shadowjesse.

Chris (Keep Smiling)

by: Shadowjesse

I was at my gastro appt. a few weeks ago after getting out if the hospital with an obstruction. She explained resectioning and mentioned another surgery which I'm thinking is what you mentioned. Is this an inpatient procedure and would you go through it yet another time?

Stretching a Bowel Narrowing
by: Chris

Hi I chickened out of the Bowel Stretching I didn't call to make the appointment it should have been last December and now it seems I'm on my own I've had no response from the Hospital or the Specialist.All I wanted was to chat to someone about it before the op. the hospital made me an appointment to see a Dr. but when I went the Dr. I saw knew nothing about me and couldn't understand why i'd been sent to him. I'm thinking of phoning the Specialist's Secretary to see what's going on and where I stand.
Thanks for reply Chris

Stretching the bowel
by: Anonymous

Hi I have hade this proceedure done 4 time over the past 2 years. the 1st time the doctor stretched as much as possible in order to avoid tearing, and I had to return 4 weeks later to have further stretching. My condition was much improved for about 6 months, but unfortunately. this proceedure doesn't last especiallt if you have another flare up.. when the inflamation subsides the bowel heals and scar tissue causes narrowing again. However it can be repeated which is what is happening to me all the time. Just a pain to have to go through it all every few months. I am due to have it again soon and am dreading it although its Ok when its done.

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colonoscopy good or bad???

by Aaron

hi everyone

i am 20 years old and have had crohns for 4 years , i had one major flare up when i was diagnosed with it and then for 2 years i was fine but stopped taking my pentasa, now in september 2009 i had another flare up reaching 50 on crc results and after 7 weeks on steriod treatment i still reaching 50 on crc results.....

my doctor has spoken about having another baruim to see if surgery is the answer, i have read about this surgery colonoscopy and how some people have woken up in night in tears and pain due to sticthes coming open inside....others say after there is no difference pain is still there

i live a very active lifestyle working everyday from 4am-3pm then breakdance in the evenings (which puts alot of pressure on my stomach) going to sleep at 11.30 every night......

is surgery good or bad? i hate the thought of them doing surgery and then in 5 months time another flare up happens all the pain for nothing??

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by: Anonymous


colonoscopy important tool
by: mitchell ferbin

I have crohns for over 30 1988 i had bowel resection due to major bleeding!colonoscopys are needed to keep tabs on your crohns.ask your dr about cimzia,better than humara.i been taking cimzia almost a year,my crohns is in remision

up to you
by: Suzanne

Hi there, its suzanne here. Hope u are ok. Its hard having crohns ive had it 10 yrs & before it im now 21.. I had my son 5 years ago & 2 my amazement things changed for the better. I was virtually hospital bound before i ever got pregnant & had my son, it was like my 2nd home. Im on pentasa the last 10 years, when ive a flare up i usually take the prednisolone. My cousin had the op & she says it was the best descison she ever made, also my late grandad had it & his lifestyle never changed. Like i always say when people cimpare 2 people who have crohns everyone is different. But my advice 2 u is u know whats best for your body, ive never heard of anyone having nightmares either. Your lucky u can have a lifestyle at all With crohns, i admire u 4 that & all the best. Thankfully its been 1 year since my last flare up & my do i count myself lucky. Things could have been worse. Would love 2 know how u get on & what desicion u make. But belive me hun its totally up 2 u. add me on facebook if u want would love 2 know more or if u need talk im ere... Take care & all the best..

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small bowell resection due to chrons disease

by Joseph Dyer
(Orlando, Florida)

Anybody go thru small bowell resection for chroans, i just went thru it back on feb 8 and had 11cm removed, along with jujujnal intusesstptiom this known as severe progression. Also my mom informed me of having a protein / nutrion defficiencey when i was a baby ( 1970 ) and had IV's on a monthly basis, not even speacial formular shew bought would stay down and i went from 7/10 down to 4/11 in the first 2 months of life...and also have gained weight and lost a massive amount of weight over the last 40 years with the most recent being 225 in 2009 to 151 on february 2012 ( mind you i weighed 157 on surgery day ))

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ileostomy reversal information

by joanne skinner

had a ileostomy reversal 3 years ago and have unbearable windy colicky pain. have to take either microlax or lactulose which worsen the pain. seen my doctor and hes referred me to a at a loss as to what to do need more surgery but unless i get a blockage again there is no way they will operate again as ive already had 7 major surgeries.

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Crohns post op symptoms

by Chris

I have had 47cm of my small intestine taken out 5 days ago and disconnected from my bladder where a fistula had formed. Now that I am home, I keep getting sweats! Is this signs of an infection?

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Education NEW
by: Anonymous

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I think so what happened NEW
by: Anonymous

yes I believe it to be a sign of an infection did you go to the hospital how did it turn out hope everything worked out in your well

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Stomach worms after bowel resection

I had a bowel resection done on my small intestine a month ago. Now I seem to have worms.. about 6-7 inches long coming out. Does this happen often?

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Education NEW
by: Anonymous

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Stomach worms after bowel resection NEW
by: Lydia D.

Hi Dave,

I don't expect that we will get an answer. It is most likely a hoax. We had a visitor at another forum who broached the subject of insects in his colon. It seems to be the past-time of prepubescent juveniles who's aim is to unnerve sick people.

Lydia D.

worms NEW
by: dave

how did you go did the doctors give you an answer

worms NEW
by: dave

how did you go did the doctors give you an answer

Stomach worms after bowel resection NEW
by: Lydia D.

I have never heard of this before. And, no, it is not normal and I have been operated on numerous times.

Are you sure that it is not dried blood or something you are eating? As Pete says, get yourself off to a doctor sharply. Take a sample of the "worms" with you to make identification easier.

Worms? NEW
by: Peter Bray

Get yourself to a real gastroenterologist and have him or her diagnose this!
Peter Bray, Benicia, CA

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crohns ,removed lesions, anastamosis,had lysis of adhesions,gall bladder out ,still in pain abdominal

by brian
(olathe ks)

my sister has crohns had her gall bladder removed,lysis of adhesions,anastamosis,she still has abdominal pain. been to many hospitals,no answers yet. is it narcotic bowel syndrome? is it sphincter of oddi? any help?
now in kansas,going to ku med center,help!!!! bmk777k @ send to my email

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recovery from a resection?..

by al blanco

i am going for a resection due to a narrowing in my colon cause by my chrons.. can anyone please tell me how long b4 i be up and running, back to normal after the surgery, and the most important thing of all my weight gain, how long b4 i gain it back? of course if no complications occur? thx in advance.


Comments for recovery from a resection?..

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thank you
by: al blanco

thank you every one.. your comments really help.. thx again and hope everyone gets better....

bowel resection
by: Darlene

I was scheduled for a laporascopic bowel resection for a 2 cm blockage due to Crohn's Disease on October 4, 2008. Surgeon ended up doing open surgery and removing 17 inches of small bowel and 5" of large bowel.

I was up and about in a week and back to work on November 6th, 2008. I am a restaurant manager which is an extremely physical job. Although I felt great on the day I returned, I think I might have pushed it a little because 4 days later I'm not feeling very well - scheduled for an ultrasound tomorrow and feeling extremely tired.

If the original laparoscopic surgery had been done I think 4 weeks is realistic. With open surgery maybe 6 weeks at home would be better.

Good luck to you - hope everything goes well.

recovery from a resection
by: Anonymous

I had a stricture of my Sigmoid colon and 26cm was removed. I was back to work in 6 weeks time, but took quieta while to gain weight, because I could not eat eveything I wanted. I had to cut on gas forming food, all fruits I had to peeled because peels do not digest very well. All luck

by: Shawna-Missouri

I had 16 and half inches of the small intenstines removed, part of my colon and an ovary and I was back at it after 3 weeks. I had been in pain for so long that I felt like a new person after the surgery. good luck!!!!

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