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A few months ago while on a regular colonoscopy, the doctor saw inflammation on my colon. Recently I finished all the tests and indeed I have CD. However, I have never had any symptoms.
Here is my story: the doctor that conducted the coloscopy, a gastrointestinal doctor, but not an expert in CD, has suggested to me that as long as I have no sysmptoms, I should not start any medication. A few days ago, I saw an expert in CD to get a second opinion and she told me that based on the tests, the ilness seems progressive, it is not going to go away and that she would be inclined to start medication and give me 6-mercaptopurine. I am now confronted with two opinions and shortly I will want to make a decision. Is for this reason that I write to you to get other opinions. By the way I am 62.
I would appreciate your comments.

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by: Anonymous

Hi, I would definitely get another opinion. 6MP is a chemotherapy drug and a very heavy duty drug. If you didn't ever realize you had the disease why are they putting you on such extreme medication.

There are other drugs you can try before getting to that point. If I had several bowel resections I would consider it. But only as a last resort. Be proactive and do alot of research. There is no cure for CD and the doctors don't know what even causes it. My CD got worse after they put me on Humira. All that did for me was make me sicker then before make my hair fall out and I ran a fever. They had to take me off because of the fever. Now my CD is worse then it was prior to trying the Humira.

Good Luck and talk to as many people as you can. Contact Mayo Clinic in Minnesota. That is the best one. They have a large gastro departement.

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