crohn's disease possible no diarrhea

16 year old never ate a meal in his life have crohn's disease without diarrhea Junk food)

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Crohn's disease possible no diarrhea NEW
by: Annette Young


Thanks are writing in. Food is usually a cause of any aggressive bout of Crohn's disease and it makes sense really that whatever you put in your body, has to be digested and if there are sores or inflammation within the intestines, the mere act of digestion can be incredibly painful. Eating fast food (especially if this forms the basic diet) cannot be good for anybody least of all a Crohn's sufferer.

I am not sure if you have actually been diagnosed and if not, you should keep a diary of your symptoms and any foods that you have eaten as your doctor will want to see this.

Foods should always be easy to digest and as plain as possible. No spicy foods, nothing too heavy. Many people find that they do far better if they avoid processed foods, and stick to a very simple diet with things like mashed potatoes, soups etc. It might not sound very exciting but it does put less pressure on digestion. There are a lot of foods to avoid, dairy products, high fiber foods, raw vegetables, red meat or pork and I attach a link to a list that you may find useful.

Here is a link to foods that you can eat.,,20559874,00.html

Although many people with Crohn's disease do suffer with severe bouts of diarrhoea, it is also possible to have Crohn's and to be constipated. Any constipation should be taken seriously and I would always suggest that you go back to your doctor in case there is a blockage present but it may be that the foods you are currently eating are just causing this feeling constipation. Hopefully you are drinking plenty of fluids and I mean water. If not, you must drink as much water as possible because this can help ease any constipation too.

I hope this helps,
Good luck,


crohn's disease possible no diarrhea NEW
by: Anonymous

Yes, Crohn's disease is possible without diarrhoea. There is stricturing/stenosing Crohn's, Crohn's of the skin, etc. A patient may also have constipation and diarrhoea (overflow).

I agree that a healthy diet is vital, but that is not really what teenagers want to eat. You have to drink at least 2 litres a day. If you don't drink enough you will get constipated - even a healthy person. Smoking is an absolute no-no, as are alcohol and street drugs in Crohn's disease. Coffee, sodas, sweets, all dehydrate and cause constipation.

Fast food is generally too fatty and carbohydrate rich and you should aim for more protein. Be also aware that certain medicines can be constipating: or

For example, opiate painkillers and drugs such as cocaine, ecstasy etc, are constipating and may cause thromboses, which can lead to strokes, etc.

ex trucker NEW
by: mark

Dont know how you are . But i got down to eating only baked potatoes ,or turkey sandwiches for 9 months before my bowel resection . unfortunatly, it started coming back full blast in 3 weeks . Im still searching for answers.

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