Crohn's Disease... or any other disease?


At that moment, I don't have the clear diagnose and the treatment is not giving any real results. I need your advise ....people, what i have to do with that matter it looks like as Crohn or not?

My Medical history

I am at 29 years with a height of 186cm. The problems with gastrointestinal tract started 5 years ago.
My present weight is 72 kg, but 5 years ago it was 97kg and
I lost it during 8 months. After that, time to time I accumulate or lose weight (+/- 4 kg) but never extend the limit of 70/80kg. During that period of time and till present days I have a good appetite but though my weight is not stable. The doctors was tried to give me injection of anabolic steroid (after lose of weight) but without any result. In that weight (72-75kg) I am in bad physical shape: feel weakness, rapid fatigue, muscle atrophy etc.

The symptoms.
My problems started from the stomach. It was stagnation (difficulty) of the food with periodical vomiting. I tried to use an enzymes but it isn't worked. After approximately 3 months mine problems with stomach slowly disappeared (but they returned back science march 08 but not so strong). But I started to feel discomfort in the bowel (part around of appendix) and mine bowel was swelled like a cupola (especially after end of the day). Its feel that bowel are swelled by part. But last couple of years I feel that expansion of bowel started spread other part of bowel (small intestine and sigmoid colon).
The bowels are compressed and swelled most of the time but especially at the end of the day or after lunch. Some times after lunch was appear the dull pain in abdominal regions, which are irradiating to the back. Mine impressions is that the bowel like a hose, and sometimes feel the burning pain at the rectum (especially after defecation). I notice that pain discomfort in the bowel make me worse after exercise. The stools are shapeless, bad removed, fatty, buff or sombre, sometimes mucus (visually bloods aren?t present) and it normally one time per day.
The abdominal palpation: the bowel(sigmoid colon and ileum, sometimes also in other parts), compressed and swelled and like as "Hose" by touches. I feel not strong dull pain during the palpation. The leave is quiet but dimension a litle bit increased (last 4 mounths) .
Other anxiety :skin lipoma and red points, stomatitis in the oral cavity (raised first time 7 years ago and time to time disappeared).

The past sickness : Zoster herpes - 2005 year, salmonella 1995 - years, pneumonia -2 times (1996 and 2002 years), bronchitis(5-7 times), purulent maxillary sinusitis (2002 year) and colds(many times especially last year).
I have received a lot of antibiotics against that mentioned sickness.

Major analysis:
hepatitis analyse(A,B,C,D,E) - negative result.
General blood analysis - goods
Biochemical with main parameters - normal, except sometimes "bilirubin" (50% more then normall);
Parasite analysis: lambliasis and intestinal amebiasis were find;

24/05/2008(7 times from 2004) - Gastroscopy
Reflux gastritis (bile esophagitis)

12/12/2007 6 times, electronic version - Colonoscopy
Extensive colitis, sigmoiditis, sphincteritis. (inspected rectus, sigmoid colon, colon, intestinum cecum and 30 ?? of ileum. Mucous membrane of ileum bleach pink with clear picture of vascular and moderately shown lymphofollicular hyperplasia of mucous membrane terminal node. Ileocecal valve is located in the typical place and freely for endoscope. Mucous membrane of blind gut and colon pale pink with blurred picture of blood vessels, and with some parts of venous picture. Sigmoid colon and rectum with moderately edematic on mucous membrane and with blurred picture of blood vessels. Marginal column has been swollen with many parts of grey retractions.

12/12/2007 one time, electronic version - Video capsule endoscopy
Esophagus ? moderately hyperemic on the bottom 1/3 lumen was kept.
Stomach ? A lot of nebulous mucus to impregnate of dark bile. The gastric folds are thickening. The is diffusion hyperemia in the antral and fundus part.
Duodenum - mucous membrane is hyperemia with single lymphangiectasia.
Jejunum - mucous membrane is edema with clear picture of villiferous layer and with single lymphangiectasia on the whole length. Peristalsis is satisfactory.
Ileum - mucous membrane pale ?pink
with blurred picture of blood vessels and with moderately lymphofollicular hyperplasia of the mucous membrane in the terminal part.
Opinions of Moscow doctors: terminal esophagitis , extensive gastritis, duodenitis, jejunitis, duodenogastric reflux, dyskinesia of gastrointestinal tract and enterocolitis. To exclude problems on the side of pancreas and biliary dyskinesia.

18/06/2007 (2 times) - ?rganography
?rganography, conclusions: Gastroptosis, chronic gastritis enterocolitis (jejunum);

10/06/2007(3 times) - Computed tomographic scanning
Computed tomographic scanning (organs peritoneal cavity) - conclusions:
Chronic pancreatitis/ cholecystitis, diffusive overpatching of liver (dimension 21, 2*10,9cm)
Analysis of dysbacteriosis: strain of enterococcus, protei, Lacta-bifido bacteria were decreased by the 40%.

02/11/2004 - Colonoscopy and Gastroscopy
Erosive- ulcerative colitis(colonoscopy was make without biopsy).
Reflux gastritis (bile esophagitis)
I've got "Mesalazine" 500mg(rectal) per day during one months and gidrocartizone enema, pariet. But treatment isn't giving the positive dynamics. After that a made 4 times "colonoscopy" and as a result it weren't fined any erosive or any structural damages.The doctor?s repeal of the ulcerative colitis;

General diagnosis
Ulcerative colitis-rejected;
Crohn's disease- not confirmed by researches (colonoscopy, blood and radiography);
Chronic hepatitis - not confirmed by blood analysis
Parasitic disease -treated, without changes;
Vegetative dysfunction of gastrointestinal tract -???;
Irritable colon syndrome - ????;
Malabsorption syndrome ? the reason not identified;
Erosive ?gastritis (bile esophagitis) ? possible to cure;

Chr. Cholecystitis (hypokinetic type);


Drink: Pylobact NEO (Amoxicillin; Clarithromycin; Omeprazole), Mosaprid, Ursodeoxycholic acid. Positive dynamic: stool became in shape (continued 15days) and abdomen was without comppesion and swells several days.

The tablets (enzyme ore lacto-bifido bacteria's, adsorption, antibioticetc) are not removed the discomfort (spasmolytic also). In critical situation only helps a refuse of food. I don't point that drinking of the enzyme or following the diet, give to me some positive enhancements. Sometimes without medicine tablets I don't have any real problems (compression and swelling) with abdomen. I feel that the problems appear as a reaction to some meals or physical exercises.

Drugs list

Pylobact NEO (Amoxicillin; Clarithromycin; Omeprazole)
METEOSPASMYL (Alverine + Simeticone) AND OTHERS
Ursodeoxycholic acid
De-Nol (gastroprotector) - 4 weeks

Best Regards

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Crohn's Disease NEW
by: Annette Young


I appreciate you writing in with your medical history and I am sorry that you have been through so much and yet still do not have a diagnosis. Are you currently under-going any tests? If it is Crohn's disease, it can and often does take a very long time to get a full diagnosis. There are other conditions that are similar symptom-wise. This is why it is difficult to determine.

It certainly sounds like your life has been steam-rollered by all this and I can say for certain that Crohn's disease will without a doubt, have a huge impact on your life. It affects people with varying degrees of course. Some people suffer with fairly mild symptoms, perhaps some bloating and others struggle to even get out of bed.It can make it difficult to do everyday things, to go to work and to even handle the daily stresses and strains.

It is vital that you persevere and get an accurate diagnosis. I know that it can be difficult if you are in pain,feeling depressed or fatigued but if you persevere- and even change doctors if you need to, you will at least get a result-albeit eventually.

There is often misdiagnosis with Crohn's disease and there are so many symptoms including:

Headaches etc

Food is most often the trigger. Spicy foods, hard to digest foods even drinks such as alcohol and coke can trigger off a nasty bout of pain. You can help yourself to identify which foods cause any problems by keeping a food diary or eliminating specific foods and then gradually reintroducing them into your diet one at a time.

Stress can also trigger off a bout of pain and so should be avoided at all costs.

If it is Crohn's disease, you have to be prepared to make decisive changes to your life in order to be able to control the condition to a degree. There is no known cure for the disease at this time although research is consistent. Some people find a little aloe vera can be useful - although too much can cause diarrhea. Taking vitamin D is thought to be a real aid for the condition as well.

If you are diagnosed, then it is important to keep taking your medications even if you feel better as by coming off any medication, you can trigger off other attacks.

The key to this is to get that diagnosis so you know for sure what you are dealing with. As I said before, change your doctor if you need to and also seek the services of a nutritionist as this can help too.

I hope you manage to find some help.


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