Crohn's Disease opinion

by Jimmy
(Glasgow, Scotland)

Hi, My mother has been diagnosed with Crohn's disease last year, but she does not have all the symptoms that would accompany the Crohn's disease. All what she has is the aches in her stomach and it's been there for as long as she remembers.
She was told that she had bacteria some time back, then she was told that it's ulcer, and then she was told that she might have cancer but this was not proven. Then her last visit to the hospital (American Hospital in Thailand) said that she has Crohn's disease.
She would really like a second opinion and does not want to go to any doctor or clinic, she really needs to find a place where they've got good reputation and well known for accurate diagnosis.

Thank you.

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Crohn's opinion NEW
by: Annette

Hi there,

I am sorry to hear that your mother is going through a difficult time health-wise. I understand that she has been diagnosed with Crohn's disease but does not have all of the symptoms, well, this can and does vary from person to person. It is fortunate that she does have only some of the symptoms as Crohn's disease can be really aggressive.

I can understand her reluctance to go and visit another doctor, the very nature of this disease can make it embarrassing but I do stress the importance of doing just this if she has concerns about the diagnosis.

Typically symptoms can include:

Abdominal pain and cramps
Extreme fatigue
Mucus/Bloody stools

Joint pain

Some people only suffer with one or two symptoms other suffer with many more.

Crohn's disease is an aggressive disease and it is unpredictable and this makes it difficult to cope with. Whilst it affects the sufferer physically, there is no doubt that it effects the sufferer on an emotional level too. It has been proven that stress can make the symptoms worse so keeping as calm and anxiety free as possible is the best approach.

It's important to make sure that your mother does not feel the isolation or embarrassment of the disease as this affects a lot of people. Dietary restrictions, lifestyle restrictions and flare-ups are all part of the Crohn's disease lifestyle unfortunately.

I hope this information is of use and I wish your mother luck with any additional diagnosis.

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