Crohns disease for over 40 years

by carmen

I have suffered with this dreaded condition for so long, and I thought I had tried everything to help heal it, but nothing has worked so far.

I have questioned myself many times

Do i have an over acid terrain in my digestive system creating this burning liquid to run thrrough my system?

Is it because I am eating bread?

Is it because I previously smoked cigarettes?

Is is because I am divorced?

and I have had a lot of stress......

I dont know the answers and I have been searching for the answer for most of my life.

Someone smarter than me must have found the answer by now,,,,,,,,

Any ideas anyone?

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Crohn's Disease for over 40 years NEW
by: Annette Young

Hi there,

Thank you for your comments.

There are a great many reasons why Crohn's can be aggressive. Certainly diet is one main reason and there could be something that you have been eating that irritates the digestive tract. It's important to eat food that is easy to digest. Diet can suddenly become a bit dull but it is best to eat fairly bland food if you are experiencing flare-ups.

Smoking is a definite no-no. Smoking doesn't cause Crohn's but it can certainly aggravate it severely.

Stress is another huge trigger and you mention getting divorced and that you have experienced a lot of stress, well, the combination you have just mentioned would be enough to set any crohn's symptoms off.

If there is any weakness in the body, stress can certainly make it worse and so unsurprisingly, Crohn's disease reacts in the same way.

It's important to be able to establish a way of controlling or managing the disease yourself because the disease may well affect you differently to the next person. If you know that stress is a trigger, learn how to relax and to cope with everyday problems. If you know have a glass of wine causes a problem, then avoid it and find an alternative non-alcoholic drink to enjoy.

It is about working with your body. If you feel tired, relax or sleep. If you feel well, then take advantage of the time off from pain.

Good luck,


what happens when you haveit this long
by: shirley

right now i am very stressed i feel i am going to lose it my dr retired , and thease new ones i do not know i am very scared and stressed , if you can be of some help please do.

May have found my answer myself.
by: Carmen

I have been trying an old method, that I hadnt used previously, for my 40 odd tortuous years of Crohns disease, however I have been practising a method called Food Combineing, actually think it was formerly known as the Hay diet.

Do not eat protein Foods with starch Food.

So you may eat salad sandwiches, but not ham, cheese or egg sandwiches.

Salad sandwiches if fine.

Do not have Roast Pork with baked potatoes, although it is fine to have roast pork with most of the other vegetables.

Try this way or eating for a few weeks, and I am sure you will notice a change,,,,,,,

It is still early days for me, but already I am feeling much better.

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