crohns disease diagnosis

by David McClimond

Hello to anyone who's interested!

I am 31, I live in N.Ireland and am in the throws of being diagnosed with crohns. My GP, rheumatologist, colorectal consultant are all forecasting either crohns or colitis. I have had all the usual symptoms with a twist in that it was the arthritis in my joints that made my GP wake up and realise that, this guy who has been with me 5 times in 3 years complaining of bowel problems, fissures and passing blood must be here for some reason other than " he must be eating something"

To say I am bitter would be wrong only I just wish 6 years ago I had all these tests done which i am presently going through and be on the proper meds!

Anyone else had the same problems?


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Diagnosis and symptoms NEW
by: Annette


Thanks for your comment. I am glad that you have taken the time to write in. I understand your frustration. It can seem to be an endless journey just to be diagnosed with this disease.

Unfortunately, I know a great many people who are misdiagnosed and endure some anxious months or years waiting to find out why they feel so ill.
It is a great shame that you were not given the appropriate tests all those years ago but I do think that it seems to take a horrendously long time for the medical profession to realise what someone is going through and for you, just to know what is going on inside your body.

Some people do suffer with external symptoms such as pain and inflammation in the joints and this can then be a little misleading as not everyone has these symptoms if they have crohn’s disease.

If you are not happy with the support that you have been getting or with your doctor, then it’s worth shopping around for one who has more experience in this field.

Depending on how the disease affects you, it is worth thinking about your diet and ensuring your nutritional levels are good. If you have diarrhea and are dehydrated, this can make it difficult to keep nutritional levels up. Always make sure you eat healthily - cut back on spicy foods and dairy and drink plenty of water.

Take a look at this article for more information on the type of vitamins that will give your system a boost.

Try not to dwell too much on the past, instead look to the future and try to determine what will work for you. Having the right medications will make a difference and you will feel as if you have your life back on track at least. There may not be a cure for this disease but there is support out there and medicines that can at least control it.

I hope you find in the coming years that your symptoms settle and you have some sort of normality.

Best of luck.
Annette Young

crohns disease diagnosis NEW
by: Lydia D.

Sorry to hear about your odyssey, but I think that you will find that your diagnosis was comparatively fast on the scale of things. I realise that that doesn't make it more bearable for you, but the prodrome phase in Crohn's can be up to a decade or more and it seems to require moderate to advanced disease symptoms before the doctors sit up and take notice. I was diagnosed with severe Crohn's which required an immediate ileostomy at the age of 32 (actual operation a year later after treatment failure). I had symptoms from at least 6 years old, but was always diagnosed with psychosomatic disease or stress-related problems.

A word wrt your joint pains - malnutrition can cause joint pains, depression, etc. I recommend that you you take a daily multivitamin tablet - a capsule would be better that you break open and drink with some diluted fruit juice or water. Don't do this with medication. Zinc, vitamins A and C, protein are real requirements to promote wound healing

You have every right to be bitter, however, without wanting to trivialise in any way what you are currently going through, I suggest that you channel your energies into getting better and managing your disease and your doctors. You can only do this if you research more about the disease.

I refer you to the following link where I have/still am mentoring a newly diagnosed Crohn's paediatric patient. You need to scroll right down to the start of the correspondence and ignore the paediatric references to glean the information pertinent to yourself:

This will save me writing out the same information twice. You will find numerous links that will get you up to speed and support you in managing your doctors and your treatment.

A tip: smoking has been proven to trigger/exacerbate Crohn's and will not allow remission to be attained. I shared a ward a couple of years ago with a Crohn's smoker who had had her first heart attack (and flat lined a couple of times in the ambulance) after smoking since her diagnosis some 15 years previously.

Good luck with the diagnosis.

All the best,

Lydia D.

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