Crohn's Disease and you

by Chad Tickner

Hi my name is Chad,

I normally never took part in anything that dealt with Crohn's, until now. I have always disregarded my disease and lived the best I could, because I believed I was just doomed to that meager existence. I have had Crohn's for 10 years, and I can happily say I still haven't had to have surgery.

Recently I found myself in the hospital with very bad Crohn's, part of which was my fault. I decided to introduce a very very healthy diet called the Maker's Diet. The diet is based on his Christian beliefs, and apparently has worked wonders for him. For myself however, this didn't go over so well. The reason it didn't work was because I have had Crohn's for 10 years, and have created a lot of "blockage" in my system. Therefore, the amount of food I was eating couldn't properly make it through my system. This means the food had to come out somehow, and was very painful to endure that pressure.

Since then I have gotten out of the hospital and started Remicade treatments. The treatments have made it so I only have maybe 1-2 bad days a week, sometimes none. My life is complicated at times and I don't always get to go out and do the things I want to, but that is something Crohn's patients must accept. We need to learn to have fun in the times we do feel well, and minimize the times that we don't feel well through treatments. I consider my Crohn's a blessing at times, it has taught me to love so many little things in this world that most people overlook. I for some reason have learned to love little things like the wind, sun, sounds. I notice a lot more in this world that I would have otherwise passed over. I thank God everyday for what I have been shown through this disease, and I do my part to make sure it doesn't interfere to much with daily activities.

Things to consider doing:

drink a lot of water(hydration makes a world of difference)

exercising(which gives you more energy, I know that sounds stupid but trust me)

get plenty of rest

If you were on steroids and experience a lot of joint pain, consider taking Calcium and Glucosamine/chondroitin supplements

Stay away from things that can get caught in an ulcer. These things include but are not limited to corn, nuts and things indigestible.

I have heard Omega 3 fish oil supplements help a lot with inflammation, I will be starting those soon

Above all learn to adjust your life, and accept it will have an impact on what you do. Meanwhile try to find ways to minimize the impact this disease has on your life.

Chad Tickner

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A positive approach NEW
by: Annette

Hi there,

Firstly, I have to say that you have a great attitude towards a disease that can and is, incredibly painful and frustrating. Your acceptance of 'the way things are' will be motivating for others because without a cure, the only way to cope with the symptoms and the pain is to be mentally strong.

You say that your life is complicated at times and that Crohn's can limit the things that you can do, you are absolutely right and this is just one area of the condition which can make sufferers feel quite depressed and down. Life is about having fun during the times when the pain and discomfort is less. Learning to adapt to the situation in the way that you have shows resilience and an inner strength but you absolutely have the right approach.

If you can work with your body and take advantage of the times when life returns to some degree of normality, it can make life bearable and more. We all know that Crohn's has a far reaching affect. While the physical aspects of Crohn's can be horrendous, it can make you feel less than a person, embarrassed sometimes and can impact your self-esteem making you feel rock-bottom.

The fact that you can look on the positive and even consider the disease a blessing is remarkable and I'm sure that others reading your post will take some comfort from it. Life can still be wonderful and when sufferers are not in pain, beauty is all around us. It's learning to appreciate the small but the natural things in life and these can have an incredible uplifting effect, if we allow it.

Taking a holistic approach to life is an excellent idea and this means listening to your body and resting when you need to, exercising when you can and ensuring your diet is good and that you keep your body hydrated.

Positive thinking isn't a cure but it can make life seem a whole lot better. What do other people think?

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