teeth condition and crohn's

by Cindy

I am a 45 year old female who was diagnosed with Crohn's Disease at the age of 19yrs old. I have never really had very good teeth, but floss and of course brush daily and do try to take care of them. I was wondering if others with Crohn's have a bad time with their teeth due to medicines, diet and other things. Comments would be greatly appreciated. It seems like there should be something under the medical insurance that would cover since my dental insurance plans only cover fillings and extractions.

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55 year old man
by: Anonymous

I was diagnosed with Crohn’s at 19. I guess I should be happy from 19-49 very little complications. But that damn disease wasn’t finished with me. I have had 55 surgeries you heard 55. Abysis every other week rushed to the emergency room to remove. Cut take out closed this went on for 3 years and I was rejected USA disability. Got a NYC attorney paid him 6,000 dollars he got it for me it took 2 more years. After 55 surgeries things calmed down again two years but once again came back destroying my spine the pain in my lower spine never felt that very very bad pain. It last about a minute as I’m screaming to stop then goes away I wait to be raped again by the spine pain is so bad trust me. O I forgot all my teeth need to be pulled at 55 years old . I never had a cavity in my life. My doctor said I was lucky that’s why I kepted them this long.
I’m sorry it’s really not a easy disease as you hear many people say it nothing. They don’t know they don’t know !!!

What just happened to my teeth 😢
by: Tonya

I am 42 years old and a couple years ago I got diagnosed with Crohn's. I do not take any medication because everything my doctor has given me makes me sick to my stomach. I have just accepted this as my unfortunate fate.

My teeth are my current issue, it seems that my top teeth have shifted forward but my back teeth stayed so my small overbite I use to be able to hide is now impossible to hide, it is all I see and I do not understand why why why..... someone pear help me understand

more since last comment
by: Jay

since my last comment I now have to have dental implants on one side because i lost all one side of my teeth to crohns and now my top teeth are moving down to meet my gum at a rapid pace and slowly changing my face shape, I am only 35 and am facing a bill of nearly £6000 I've found a dentist work starts soon thanks to my family helping me find the deposit but I'll be struggling to pay the rest over the next two years, It is rediculous that there is no help out there for us we didn't ask for this.

Crohn's & Dental Issues
by: LADaze

I began having problems at 18 and depending on which doctor I was speaking with depended on whether I had Ulcerative Colitis or Crohn's which this was in 1988. I have since had my large intestine removed, an illeostomy for two years, and ultimately I was exceedingly lucky and was given the chance to receive a J-Pouch at the Cleveland Clinic in mid 1990. I did go relatively problem free other then nutritional problems until around 2005 which is where I unfortunately began to have multiple gastrointestinal issues (small intestine only) again!!! Whether due to the disease process itself or related issues stemming from the original it really didn't change the eventual outcome, me spending more time sick than well. Problems which as a result included fatigue, nausea, dry mouth from medications, severe nutritional deficiencies, Gerd, and now even multiple dental problems resulting in most of my bottom teeth needing to be removed. I don't know if that helps you but hopefully you at least now know that you definitely aren't alone!!!

Help me please.
by: Kentucky

I need help my teeth are loose and falling out, breaking and decaying. I am 42 and have had multiple issues. I need help. I had beautiful teeth and now just awful. What is the best treatment? Should I waste more in root canals and crowns? I want a pretty smile back. The crowns break or my tooth gets loose. I have went through multiple surgeries for the Crohns and have another one left. Right now I have an illeostomy and stoma for where the colostomy is going to go. I have been treated with high doses of steroids through the years, Remicade, Immuran and multiple others. They couldn't finish my last surgery to put illeostomy to colostomy because of so much bowel effected and after 5 hours decided to close up and do later. I have abcesses often in my gums and teeth too. What are my options?

Teeth Problems and Suspected Crohn's Disease
by: Tinta

I never knew there was a connection. The doc's have been suspecting Crohn's but as yet unable to prove.However, my symptoms have worsened recently adn rather suddenly. I feel this is something even the docs perhaps are not aware to associate wtih Crohn's

crohnes and teeth
by: jay

hi i'm 31 i was born with crohnes and was put on medication from 13 years old lots of different types as they hadn't a clue how to treat me one of them was prednisalone, i have had so many issues i have only 1 tooth left on one side now if the last one goes it will effect my smile, i have lost one from the other side and the others are full of fillings and all are extremely sensitive even if i'm walking in winter i have to wrap a scarf around my face, i am supposed to see the dentist every 4 months but cant afford it. does anyone know if there is any compensation for all these issues i cant afford screw in teeth and at the age of 31 i dont want pop in pop out false ones! thanks jay

by: Anonymous

My son was diagnosed with Crohn's disease at age 10. He is now 40. He has suffered over the years not only physicially, but emotionally as well. For the most part, doctors back in the 1970's did not know anything about the disease. They gave me a phamplet to read. There was hardly any info on the disease. He is in remission for many years, however, he has problems with bones, teeth, anxiety, joints and most of these issues resulted with the medication doctors prescribed such as prednisone, etc.

How pathethic! If the pharmaceutical companies jump to finding medication for erectile dysfunction, AIDS, ETC. how about helping patients with conditions such as Crohn's, cancer, etc.???? Health Insurance for my son does not cover pre-existing problems. Does anyone have similar concerns?????

Crohn's an bad teeth
by: Jo

Hi, I have am 50 an was diagnosed with Crohn's 22 years ago.My teeth are a mess.. Loose, gums receding an teeth breaking off... often with NO knowledge ... Constantly have to go to the dentist ...Just have to vent ..On constant medication an on an off prednisone over the years.. i feel we need some kind of insurance or benefits to help us out with the constant out lay we have from a medical condtion that has no reprieve for us ..........

Tooth Problems w/humira
by: Sharon

I am a 61 year old female diagnosed with Crohn's in 2007, although had symptoms since before 2000. I take humira and asacol and I am having problems with my teeth - I go to the dentist every 6 months and have done so since 1970. Now I am loosing teeth - when I lost the first one I had to have a permanent bridge and now with the lose of the 2nd one I am in the process of an implant. The dr. seems to think that my immune system might have some light on it since I take humira and that lowers your immune system. Just want to know if anyone else is having this problem. I was told to contact the drug company. Has anyone out there done this yet? Please advise.

Crohn's and Teeth
by: Anonymous

I have had Crohn's for over 8 years now. I was on prednisone for a short time. I spent 7 years on Remicade. Currently taking Pentasa. In terms of teeth - I have heard several ideas relating to genes, calcium deficiency (due to the Crohn's) and the prednisone use. My doctor put me on Calcium - Oscal D. Talk to you physician about how much Calcium to take (usually with D and Magnesium - they help with absorption.)

Lastly - this is a difficult disease. My wishes to everyone for a speedy cure and a future filled with health and happiness. Keep your spirits up!

Teeth conditions and Crohn's
by: Anonymous

Hi I'm a dental assistant and think I'm suffering from Crohn's disease. I had a look around on the net to see if steroid treatments affect teeth. A lot of research has been done on steroids causing osteoporosis and bone loss. It actually weakens the cell structure of the bone. This could be the reason why you are having so many problems with your teeth. Steroids can also your gums to become puffy and overgrown so more bacteria can accumulate around your teeth and cause gum problems. A lot of these medications cause xerostomia (dry mouth) which can lead to an increase of decay. Saliva is there to wash away the food and bacteria from the teeth.
Maybe try fluorie and calcium phosphate creams available from dentists. This will help prevent decay and can help with dry mouth.

Teeth Condition and Crohn's
by: Angie

Hi I'm a 48 yr old female diagnosed in 1997 but had had symptoms since 1989. Took predisolone to save my life - as the NHS had let me down badly. Have monumentous problems with my teeth, filings break, crowns break too. Now having extractions but just started to look into having a lot of work done - my mouth looks like it belongs to someone of about 80!

me too
by: dan henry

i was diagnosed at 5 ,i am now 43

I used to take alot of prednisone,especially during mt teen years,i believe its made my teeth brittle,its not hard for me to break one and have to go to the dentist only to have the filling break off also.



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Crohn's and Teeth Problems

by Tracie

Previous to being diagnosed with Crohns and starting medication to deal with it, I had good healthy teeth with maybe 1 or 2 cavities ever. But ever since I started meds about 6-7 yrs. ago I have had trouble with my teeth. I clench them at night and I brush, floss, and rinse with mouthwash very regularly 2-3 times a day but I've been having more cavities than usual.

Could this be a side effect of the meds or the Crohn's disease. The medications i'm taking are called Pentasa, occasionally a steriod called Predinsone, and again an
occasional med for spasms when they arise. (I forget the name of that medication).
If you could provide me with any information regarding Crohns and the effects it may or may not have on you teeth that would be great! Thanks.

Comments for Crohn's and Teeth Problems

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Crohn's and bad teeth NEW
by: Anonymous

I was diagnosed with Crohn's 7 yrs ago. I have recently been having a lot of flare ups. My teeth are starting to chip and some are starting to abscess. I am not on steroids and I still have bad teeth.

I am sorry to hear about everyones problems on here. But it is good to know I'm not alone!

bad teeth NEW
by: Anonymous

I am 52 and was first diagnosed at age 17. i had surgery at 32 and now have an eliostomy. my teeth are horrible. i recently had 2 pulled and another one is almost fallen out. i believe its from lack of nutrients absorbing into the system when you have the disease. its awful and i cant afford the dental work even with my coverage from work.

bad teeht NEW
by: Anonymous

I am 52 and was first diagnosed at age 17. i had surgery at 32 and now have an eliostomy. my teeth are horrible. i recently had 2 pulled and another one is almost fallen out. i believe its from lack of nutrients absorbing into the system when you have the disease. its awful and i cant afford the dental work even with my coverage from work.

Your Teeth may be the Reason you have Chron's!!! NEW
by: Anonymous

This very well may be a vicious cycle. If you EVER had any teeth extracted (including wisdom teeth), teeth filled with mercury/nickel or any other type of metal (amalgam), or have had a root canal, there is a high possibility that metal toxicity has invaded your bloodstream and is causing your symptoms & Crohn's Disease. Have you ever had your heavy metal levels checked?

I've been researching the information in an article I ran across and googling certain criteria to find links between the research and certain 'diseases'. I have found similar linkings to Lupus, ALS, MS, Alzheimers, Dementia, Cancer and just about any and every auto-immune and neurological condition you can think of.


People with Crohn's disease are finding answers and are showing remarkable improvement, even complete healing, with the removal and detoxification of metals in their system. Most of which are coming from their teeth!

I know you're on here because you are looking for answers... so do your research, see for yourself & may God Bless each and every one of you!

H20 and baking soda.
by: Justicexhaze

If you find yourself getting sick to your stomach a lot...keep a fresh bottle of water mixed with baking soda. After you get sick rinse with this instead of brushing your teeth. This will neutralize the stomach acid from slowly eating your teeth away. If I had this info 30 years ago I might have slowed the erosion progression...so I'm paying it forward to any one who will listen.

In the same boat
by: Anonymous

About 5 years ago was told my teeth were slowly losing calcium after three had enamel break down during a cleaning, had the disease for about 19 years at that point, and had been diagnosed for 8 (Steroids seems to be one of the main things that does a number on your teeth, I was left on them for a year which seemed to cause most of the problems, but, dry mouth caused by the medications also makes it difficult, this was before Biotene.) Going to have to go in soon to get more work done as I've had 1 tooth break, 1 had enamel crumble, and 3 others have had slight scratches of the enamel layer come off.

I really think the GI doc's should prepare you (suggestions of Vitamin D and Calcium ahead of time in the diet, etc.) Mine didn't, and sadly, the dentist I saw never connected Crohn's with the teeth problems. But if you look around and find other stories, (and it even has it listed on some sites now), yes, Crohn's does leave you open for problems with your teeth and cavities in general, I'd suggest using Biotene, Xylitol chewing gum, and cutting back on sugar/starches, as there is enough enamel wear through the periods of vomiting. Do what you can to keep your vitamins and minerals up, your mouth moist, and avoid as many of the known causes of cavities as possible. Just my suggestions, for what they might be worth.

Crohn’s Disease & Cavity
by: Anonymous

Still seeking additional information.

Usually my teeth would be in perfect condition. I had pretty much shining white teeth. When I developed Crohn’s disease 3 years ago... I noticed that I was providing many cavities. I have only started to take medication. I am not sure if medication can contribute the to the cause; however, I started to have several dental problems before I started to take medication. I hate having this problem!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :-(

by: Anonymous


Crohn's and teeth
by: Anonymous

My daughter just had her 7th filling in 3 months. She is on azathiaprine only. She was diagnosed 2 years ago with Crohn's. For her, I believe it is the disease that is causing her problems with her teeth.

Teeth Problems
by: Cyndee

I believe Crohn's and medication are the cause. I am 45 diagnosed 5 years ago. I have had 5 root canals two failed now they are gone plus one abscessed. I may lose another one. I also have RA it is the same gene as Crohn's. I take prednisone only in a flare and Humira every 10 days. I am going to ask about inplants because root canals don't always work and cost way to much.

Teeth & Crohn's
by: Anonymous

I found out I had Crohn's about 10 years ago I am now 35 I did not have the greatest teeth growing up but now they are getting worse and worse...I did ask my dentist because I am getting sick and tired of going to get a broken tooth fixed or a root canal or crown which I can not afford..he told me that it was just wear and tear on the teeth that the meds have nothing to do with your teeth he said if it were when the teeth were just growing that would be different....I don't think this is true so I thought I would try to do some research on it. Is there anything out there from keeping this from happening? Lets see I have had 3 root canals 2 crowns two more crowns to go and now I feel like one of my fillings is coming out...gee what do they think I am made of $ to keep dishing this out to fix teeth?? I know you need them and you don't want to get false ones but how much more can I take of all this??? any help would be so greatful....

Crohn's & Bad teeth= YES
by: John C

Unfortunately the answer is yes. Crohn's disease along with the medications creates a "perfect storm" for tooth erosion. Recently my dentist attended a seminar for just this issue. He even asked if he could take pictures and use my case as part of a case study with his instructor and other attendees. I was more than happy to have someone who actually had some educated answers. He said he has learned that crohn's disease causes a lack of proper nutrition absorption, medications like prednisone can cause calcium erosion and each time you vomit the acid will eat away at your teeth (similar to a bulimic- also know as binge and purge eaters). So yes...one of the complications to crohn's disease is the erosion of your teeth. When you are sick mix a bottle of water and baking soda. After getting sick rinse out your mouth with this....I use to brush my teeth to get the taste out but all that did was create a acid and sandpaper affect on my teeth...the stomach acid softens your teeth up and the toothpaste and toothbrush act as sandpaper. Hope this helps more people hold onto what teeth they have. I do not have all the answers but I do have 37 years with the disease...please see the "Crohn's Chronicles" on youtube for more information on my fight.

not crohn's
by: Anonymous

i am pretty sure it is not your Crohn's or Colitis that causes the problems you have with your teeth. it is most likely the medication you are on for example Pentasa

not crohn's
by: Anonymous

i am pretty sure it is not your Crohn's or Colitis that causes the problems you have with your teeth. it is most likely the medication you are on for example Pentasa

Crohn's and dental problems
by: Johanna

Hi there, I'm 46 and was diagnosed with crohn's colitis 3 years ago. I take pentasa regularly and prednisone whenever I have a flare up. It's crazy my teeth have been so bad since the diagnosis. I'm presently going through my third root canal in 2 years, with so much pain and inflammation. I've been wondering if having crohn's is effecting my teeth, I guess it is. I occasionally suffer from eye inflammation also due to crohn's and have to take prednisone for it. This is such a strange disease, it effects so many different parts of the body. Fatigue and stress are such huge factors with this disease, the key is to learn to read the signs before it gets out of hand. Good health to everyone.

My teeth are horrible!
by: Bill

I am 23 and wasn't diagnosed with Crohn's until 2 years ago. Ever since I was young I've had bad teeth. I've always taken care of my teeth by brushing twice a day and flossing after almost every meal. When I was 15 I started to get cavities and the dentist diagnosed me with "Dental caries". Now to elaborate Dental caries is a destructive process causing decalcification (loss of calcium) of the tooth enamel leading to cavitation of the tooth. He asked me if I was a sickly child and I answered yes. I had intestinal problems (bloating, gas, & diarrhea) as an infant, was heavily medicated, and was so lactose intolerant that I had to be fed soymilk (which wasn't calcium enriched in '86) instead of formula or breast milk. That caused my body to never gain the amount of calcium needed for healthy bone and tooth growth. He also told me that getting braces at the age of 13 had weakened the enamel on my teeth because of the glue used to hold the braces in place. I am now 85% sure that I have had crohn's since birth, but since the area I live in has a very small amount of crohn's patients (my GI doctor only has 4 crohn's patients and I live in an area with a population of over 1.1 million) I was never diagnosed correctly. I've done some research and I really do think the disease itself has something to do with it. Although now that I'm on medications for crohn's the decay has become very much accelerated, and my dentist says that by the time I'm 25 or 26 I'll either need dentures or need to get false teeth screwed into my skull and jaw.

teeth- YUCK!!!
by: carolina girl

I hate my teeth! I am 40 and have never had good teeth, but my teeth have gotten worse since I was diagnosed in 2003. I also have a sister who has crohns, but her teeth problems are minimal. Our crohns effect different sides of our colon; mine- the upper right- hers the lower left. I do believe that that the disease affects my teeth. I don't vomit, but have chronic diareah. After every flare up, I have a tooth that either absecces, breaks, or falls apart. I LOVE to smile, but lately have been very self consious about it. I'm currently missing 4 teeth, and the damage is getting closer and closer to the front of my mouth! My sister, on the other hand has had severe problem with the organs surrounding her colon. She just had her appendix out, and it was covered in endometriosis and ulcers. I just don't understand how a digestive disease can affect my teeth and joints????!!!

bad teeth in just six months
by: Anonymous

I take very good care of my teeth, recently at my six month check they found two bad teeth, both needed to be capped which the dentist says may not last - yae - during that same week a tooth already with a cap became absessed, I was in alot of pain the dentist put me on penacillin the absess became worse and I had the tooth pulled. Now other teeth are bothering me and I wondered if it was my crohns, I had some bowel out last year and lately having alot of dirahea again, I think it is all related It is sad when you try to take care of yourself and things just happen anyway Oh well I always hang in there SEE YA

by: Trudie

Hi I am 22 and about to have my 3rd operation for crohn's but this time a strictureplasty so as not to remove anymore of my bowel. My teeth however are the thing that me down the most, I clean them all the time and its not so much the condition of them its that they are so discoloured. I unfortunately suffer from bowel obstructions and vomit quite a lot. I really want a nice white smile. Does anyone know if you can have your teeth whitened if it is acid staining?

Crohns and dental problems
by: CK

I have had crohns for ten years now, i have been well for almost 5 years. However its become quite aggressive recently, i have a few ulcers. I am being treated with Inflixmab and prednesolone. I have never had problems with my teeth , however recently bits of my teeth have been fall. I went to see the dentist and almost died when she said i needed ten! yes ten fillings, i was shocked, oh and its not cheap. I decided to have a second opinion and went to another dentist and it was even more bad news, this dentist tell's me in a space of two weeks i need seven fillings and 3 teeth taken out. I am so upset but i know people are going through worse. But its really upsetting that so many things can go wrong.

bad teeth and crohns
by: aleta dornbos

i have been told i need implants. Aost: $25,000.
i have had 4 bowel resections. friend and i were talking we wondered where infections were coming from. i have many root canals. i will have a bridge for $2,500.00. our dentists need educating!

saving money
by: aleta l.

i have had crohns for 20 years and have had three bowel resections. i am now told i need implants Cost: $25,000.00. after reading your letters i will have a bridge for $2500. my friend and i were discussing how you get all of these infections in your mouth. amazing!

Crohn's and Teeth
by: Anonymous

I was diagnosed with crohn's in 86. it actually started out as a really bad ulcer...from the ulcer i would vomit a lot. A few years back, i started noticing my molars getting weak, which now i barely have any. I was thinking it was because of the vomitting destroying the enamel. I was researching implants, but found that due to crohns and the meds being taken, the implants wouldn't last long :( i'm 39 and REALLY would not like to get dentures, but i'm guessing that will be the next step...maybe bridgework...

Teeth issue the start of Crohn's?
by: T-Bone from Sconnie

I've had Crohn's for about 15 years, one bowel resection, one flare up with fistulas since that surgery. I've lived symptom free since the first surgery and have had two absessed teeth recently. One I had fixed, and the second my insurance woudn't cover, so I left it alone. Now I've had a surgery to remove absesses in my belly and still have not fixed the tooth. My problems didn't start until my teeth were bad. I've been really taking extra good care of my teeth since this occurred to me yet I'm not currently over the problem that I have in my belly.
I think that the tooth issues are the start and not the end result. Anyone else have this problem occur in this order?

Crohn's and Cavities
by: Summer Rayne

It seems I am in the same boat as many of you. I have always had ok teeth. Growing up I think I had 2-3 cavities. I was diagnosed with Crohn's about 10 years ago and didn't have any teeth problems. I do my yearly check ups and teeth cleaning. This year, has been a tough year with Crohn's. About a month ago, I went to the dentist he found 6 yes I said six cavities. I almost fell over. I then started researching it and found the source.

Calcium tablets in conjunction with steroids
by: Anonymous

Hey, like yourselves I too have been diagnosed with chrones, initally after the diagnosis I was also on a course of the same steroid medication as yourself and continue to use pentasa as a long term tablet. Anyway i was diagnosed around one and a half years ago and only then did i have to use predisone however the doctor informed me that steroids weaken bones (i recently broke my leg playing football, had a flare up and steroids were avoided in the treatment for this reason) so while i used the predinsone they told me to take calcium tablets as a supplement to prevent this.

Chrones seems to generally affect everything doesn't it, I myself became rather anaemic and this wasn't great for my teeth however after going in to remission i found that they did improve quite quickly as I recovered. So i would advise speaking to your GP first literally for medical record purposes but i honestly believe calcium tablets available from the super market would help prevent the steroids adding to any damage the chrones may be causing.

by: Cindy

I have a problem with my teeth too. I want more info if you get it please share I have had Crohn's for 26 years and have tried hard to take care of them, but they are going fast.I am on Asacol, Endocort, Purinethol, Protonix and different antibiotics now and then. There should be some part of the medical insurance which should cover teeth with diseases such as this.

by: Anonymous


I also have recently experienced dental problems. I was just recently diagnosed with crohn's (Sept) and went for a normal cleaning and check-up from my dentist. He was amazed at the x-rays! I needed a root canal and 2 crowns. He said that there was absolutely nothing on the x-rays from 6 months ago and he was stunned that the decay had come up so quickly. Additionally, the cavities were coming from the root up, rather thatn from the top surface of the tooth. It was then that he asked me if I had any changes in my health recently. When I explained that I have crohn's he told me the dental problems are a direct result of the acid build up and reflux that comes along with crohns. Please make sure to see your dentist regularly to avoid unforeseen problems!

crohns and teeth
by: Gin

I hate to say this, but I also have Crohns and Iam currenlty 39 and had been cavity free - that is until about 4 months ago.
I was put on high dosages of prednisone and pentasa, but I believe it is the prednisone that does the damage.
I just go the first cavity filled - it was in my front teeth Ugh... and discovered I am getting another one! Worse part is, I was put on Prednisone again at the beginning of the month and have at least another 6 weeks to go...

I am sorry you have the problems, but you are not alone!

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Teeth and Crohn's

Does anyone who has Crohn's have unusual problems with their teeth?

Comments for Teeth and Crohn's

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Teeth and Crohn's NEW
by: Annette Young

Hello there,

Thank you for your question. Many people who have Crohn's disease certainly do seem to have more dental issues than those who do not. If you consider that you need to have calcium for your teeth to be strong, it makes sense that problems occur because for many people with Crohn's disease, there is a deficiency of vitamins D and calcium. It is known that some medications can actually cause problems too. If you feel that you are vitamin D deficient, then you can take a supplement.

When you are being sick, acid can also damage the teeth and if you tend to suffer a great deal with nausea as part of your crohn’s, then this could be the reason why.

When you go to see your dentist, you do need to make him or her aware that you have Crohn's disease because your dentist may wish to do further x-rays or tests prior to treatment and they will monitor you quite carefully.

Many people with Crohn's disease-approximate 20%, have mouth sores and these can be really painful. The sores are usually an indicator that the Crohn's disease is active so even if you're not aware of the condition, or have not had a diagnosis, I would suggest telling your doctor about the sores, because it may help them to diagnose.

Crohn's disease sufferers are also a higher risk of developing cavities and this is because there is often an increased risk for infections both yeast and bacterial in the mouth

Unless you are experiencing severe dental pain, routine checkups are best whilst the Crohn's is active, once the Crohn's disease has settled a little bit, this is the best time to then go and get treatment for any dental issues.

Hope this helps.


by: John C

Thank you for your response. I was also looking into having some teeth pulled and having "the screws" placed so that I could have "normal" looking teeth "mounted" in....I know that this will cost some money but at this time doing caps and fillers seems to be like putting band aids. For the teeth still doing well I believe the toothpaste you recommend would be great.

dental pain and crohns
by: Jane

I was diagnosed with Crohns at 72 after numerous tests. Dr put me on Pentasa which has been very effective in reducing symptoms, I was able to cut the dose in half after about about a year He explained to me that this disease involves the entire digestive tract including the mouth. This last week I had a flareup of Crohns and a miserable toothache incolving the right half of my jaw. I have had problems in that area but this was way over the top/ Today I amb ack to normal and have no dental pain-just when I thought I needed to call my dentist/

re: Crohns Disease & Teeth
by: Dr. Michael Gulizio

Hi John C,

I have a fair number of patients that have been diagnosed with Crohn's disease and have similar issues with their teeth (erosion, sensitivity, etc.) I have had great success with amorphous calcium phosphate, which is a paste that should be applied to your teeth on a daily basis. The paste helps rebuild and strengthen enamel using calcium and phosphate ions (note: if you have milk allergy, you cannot use this product). I would ask your dentist about prescribing you an amorphous calcium phosphate supplement, or if that's not an option, you can purchase it directly from my site at: http://www.metronycdentist.com/services/store/.

Good luck. I hope this helps :)

Teeth Problems
by: John C

I have had pretty good teeth but recently have been having problems. My dentist just attended a seminar about people with chronic conditions (like crohn's) and advancing dental problems. I have had crohn's since I was 7 (44 now) my dentist said that between my diet, medications and my disease has caused increased irrossion. Each time you get sick (vomit) the stomach acid slowly eats at your teeth..and of course each time I got sick I would brush my teeth to get the taste out of my mouth. That is the wrong thing to do. With the stomach acid your tooth brush is like sandpaper. Rinse your mouth with water and baking soda. I have two abcessed teeth to be removed next week. I also need several caps. Stay away from soda and sugar as much as you can. Hope this helps

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