Crohn's Disease and shaking

by Loretta Vetrano
(Staten island, NY)

When I was first diagnosed I was 46 yrs old and the doctors' put me on all types of medicines to reduce the inflammation. I knew I needed surgery from the blockage immediately, but the doctors dragged their feet and watch me suffer for three and a half months before deciding surgery had to be done. Anyway, all the different medicines I was prescribed caused unpleasant side effects and sometimes doctors do not listen to their patient regarding the side effects from meds, which is why I am not currently on anything.

A year later, I still don't know where to turn. As stated before I am not presently on any medication and I get very bad shakes. Also, I am always sick due to a weakened immune system. I am lucky my job hasn't terminated me due to the illness.

Basically, what I am trying to say that I believe the shakes are part of Crohn's for some of us and it may not be always from the medications.

If anyone knows of a good GI doctor in Staten Island that accepts GhI Insurance, please let me know. Thanks

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