depression / crohn's

by ali
(Billings MT)

Does anyone suffer from depression? If so, what kinds of anti-depressants work for you. I've tried a few and just end up feeling very ill.

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depression/crohn's NEW
by: Annette Young

Hello there,

I know a great many people who feel very depressed and are on medication through Crohn's disease. Some people find that taking antidepressants provide a solution but others find that it does not.

Your doctor might prescribe antidepressants such as Prozac or Zoloft but it is important that you speak to your gastroenterologist to ensure that there are no negative side-effects as a result.
Depression has a very bad effect on your immune system but Crohn's disease has an impact on the immune system anyway so it is already compromised.

Getting help from a professional is important and it is certainly important to work out ways that can combat your depression. For some, it can be goal setting, planning treats, and creating a more positive way of thinking.
Meditation, affirmations and relaxation techniques can have a powerful and beneficial impact.

If you are not satisfied with the information or support by your doctor, do look around for an alternative doctor. Many do not understand Crohn's disease and although depression and Crohn's is linked, there may be alternative answers.

I hope this helps.
Good luck.


Depression - an old enemy
by: Anonymous

I am on Venalafaxine (Effexor) I am on 450mg. The largest dose they recommend. I have good days and bad days. Lots of pain and stress right now so of course Crohn's exacerbates and causes lots of issues. get to a counselor or a friend that will listen!
Good Luck, Depression is a part of Crohn's disease work on it and vent! It does get better.

by: Anonymous

I've tried Lexapro and prozac, but both make me feel very sick. I take Asacol and wonder if there could be a contraindication to the medications or something.

by: Shawna-Missouri

yes I have suffered from depression for years. I take lexapro and seems to help for the most part. Now when I am exhausted, I get pretty down in the dumps. I have noticed that I go through phases where I am pretty anti-social, I just want to be left alone. But you are definetly NOT ALONE.... =)

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depressed over crohns

by darryl
(riveride ca,usa)

was diagnosed with crohns diseaes last week was in the hospital for 3 days . it was painful i do not want to go through that again. now im just worrying when and how my next attack well come . i dont want one . are the attacks the same.. i had a nlocage they had to clear it was aweful . im afraid of it happening again. is there asny thing you can take that well help ... thnakyou.. how soon would i get another attack

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Depressed over Crohn's NEW
by: Annette Young

Hello there,

I read your post and felt obliged to reply. I can completely understand that you would be concerned of experiencing flare-ups because the pain can be pretty awful.

The trouble is, the more you worry about it, the more likely it is to happen. This is because stress is a very powerful trigger for Crohn's. I think the best thing that you can do is to find out why triggers occur for you. What happened to make the Crohn's flare up last time? Did you drink alcohol? Did you smoke? Food is a big trigger too. You need to identify any foods that cause you problems with your digestion.

It is understandable to feel down when you are in a lot of pain, it is understandable to fret about the disease too. It can seemingly take over your life if you let it.

If you can find out how Crohn's affects you on a personal level, you will feel less concerned and down as a result, because it is controllable.

Unless it is clinical depression, it is not worth taking anti-depressants, instead calculate what you can do to make your life better.

I hope this helps,


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Depression with Crohns

by Jem

Is it just me or is there anyone else out there that seems to suffer severe depression and is quite angry which as a result causes constant flare ups. Also I seem to have a better coping mechanism than most and even when I am in severe pain i still think I can carry on my normal day by just taking pain killers to get through the day.

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Depression with Crohns NEW
by: Annette Young

Hello there,

Thank you for your post. Many people believe that depression could act as a trigger for Crohn's, and in fact stress was considered for a long time to be a cause of Crohn's disease. Research has now indicated this not to be the case.

Stress continues to be a trigger which can cause aggressive flare-ups, and it is likely that feelings of depression, helplessness, frustration and anger can also work as a trigger.

The human body is absolutely fascinating but when it starts to go wrong, it's almost as if the body turns in on itself. I'm a firm believer that everyone has weaker areas of the body, those places which are more likely to be injured or to react to stressful situations for example.

Crohn's disease is far more common than most people think, although people don't like to talk about it as the symptoms are not pleasant. Often fear and anxiety about the disease or ill-health in general can affect the general and delicate balance that is the body. I’m a stress management and addiction counselor and I often see potential links between peoples emotions and their physical health.

I have pasted a link here and I hope this of use.

and for feelings of anxiety and panic attacks.

Best of luck,

Crohn's and Depression
by: Anonymous

I have had Crohn's since I was eight years old. It has been well managed up until 4 years (I'm 16). I have been dealing with a 4 yr flare-up and have become depressed as a result of me feeling paranoid and self-conscious of what my peers are thinking. But I've learnt that as long as a few close friends are there by my side then I am doing alright.

You arenot alone!
by: Ida, Mississauga, ON

Depression side is new for me over the past several months. You are not alone from which I have read. I have gone to see a shrink to try and snap out of it. We are working together and I am very lucky I have found someone whom I can talk to which I have found most helpful. I actualy look forward to my weekly appointments.

Depresssion is normal
by: Danielle

I think depression and Crohns go hand in hand because its a heard pill to swallow (no pun intended) to realise that yes you do have a disease and you have to live with it for the rest of your life, Once you get your head around the bad parts and focus on some good parts eg:healthy eating and excercise is a must. then eventually things will work out. I was diagnosed 1 year ago and am still on antidepressants and seeing a shrink its all in the process of healing.

Scared & Alone
by: Anonymous

I have had Crohns for 12 years and in the last 6 months it has become really bad. Almost every hour of everyday i feel like my stomach is going to split it two and i can hardly walk the pain is so bad. Somehow i continue to go to work and pretend everything is ok but i feel so tired all the time because i can't get just one nights uninteruppted sleep. My husband is supportive but not all that "involved". I feel so alone at night when i'm sitting on the toilet and he is asleep in bed.
I'm in the process of getting a bowel resection but i don't think i can handle another test or procedure. It's so humiliating and degrading and its not exactly dinner table conversation with friends. I hope this operation will fix me because i can't continue to live the way i am.

depression and Chronns
by: Bonnie

yes stress and depression go hand and hand my son has Chronns and I had ulcerative colitis.I am strong and opted for total colectomy,when I was son is 33 years old with a decision to face,surgery or live with two fistulas in his abdomine,they are sipping feces.He hates everything and everybody includeing me his mom,he says it is my fault because I had him and gave him the disease.I am so depressed,as he is.I love him and my heart breaks for him,I hope they find a cure.He is now on Humira shots,they are not helping much.To be sure almost all IBD patients are depressed,and have stressful life situations..

me too
by: Anonymous

my already melancholy nature is severly affected by crohn's, lately my depression has become severe. i guess i'm going to have to seek help because it's not going away. the emotional stress of the disease is consuming me

Depression with Crohn's
by: JoAnne

I have problems with depression so bad that my doctors sent me to a therapists. I didn't want to kill myself are any thing like that, but I was so depressed. I was taking my meds and trying to get through the day, found out that I wasn't doing very well at all. You have to deal with the fact you are depressed and you are angery with the fact that you don't have the life you once had. Pain killers are not the answers, they are just a cover up for what you don't want to face. I don't just have Crohn's I have other disease with mine and my life isn't nothing like what I want it to be, but you have to face the problem head on. Hope this helps.

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depressed about chron's

by Elisa russo
(montreal, quebec)

I would like to know how could I cope with this disease that I have? I have been through a depression last year and I find it very hard to cope with it. I am scared of losing my job over it since I am always feeling sick. I never wake up feeling great i get down a lot about my health. I just want to try to feel happy about life but I just can't seem to do it.

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you are strong.
by: arielle

I have been diagnosed with chrons disease at age 19. June 2007. before being diagnosed I was in hell for 6 months. I had severe pain, chills, insomnia,depression,fatigue.weight loss, loss of appetite. I was going to the bathroom over 15 times a day. I was a prisioner in my own home. I didn't leave the house out of fear that I would go out and have a flare or that I would go out and need the bathroom. no one really knew what I was going through, I been through so many tests that my fear from needles is long gone. I wanted to go to the hospital so badly even after talking pain killers but I was told that hospitals don't know as much as specialist. after many tests an old doctor hugged me told me his grandaughters are older then me and that im a very strong girl and that he's sorry YOU HAVE SEVERE CHRONS. at first I was like okay im not crazy like 1 doctor that I went to thought and put me on paxil. then it hit me so hard. I couldn't come to terms with having an illness that won't ever fully go away. I was put on so many medications only thing that gave me my life back was remicade. I got double doses every 2 weeks for about a month and a half. now I take ciproflaxin and entocort. the only advice I have for you, is believe in g-d. don't trust any doctor. g-d gave us this disease to show us how strong we are. and only when I gave up on doctors and asked g-d to heal and help me did my life improve.

I still have my bad days .. but u have to take the good with the bad and be happy for what you have.

wishing you all the best. anyone with chrons is a strong person because its a life going struggle.

if anyone wants to share their story or talk or ask any questions email me.

by: Elisa

I want to thank for people reading my comments and giving hope. I know hard it is, to cope with this disease. I have been having a hard time getting back on my feet but i don`t let this disease control my life. But i met somebody wonderful and it helps when you have somebody special in yr life. He really gives me strengh and tells me not to give up and keep fighting because life is precious and we should be thankful for the days we could stand on our own two feet and move forward.So i jst wanted to tell evrybody who is fighting with this....keep strong and don`t give up.

by: Anonymous

Just read you posting. Somedays it is very hard to see the small light at the end of the tunnel. But remember you are not alone. Right now I feel like crap and decided to vist the sight again. It truly helps to learn their are other people out there that can understand how we feel. I beleive that unless you walk with Chron's how can anybody really understand.

The pain, nausa. joint pains, constant trips to the washroom, tired all the time and depression.
Enjoy the good days.... that sometimes are very few. Visit this site so you can relate with others living with Chron's.
My heart goes out to you.... I do understand how you feel.... Although we feel very alone at times..... this site has opened my eyes... I am not alone with Chron's .....God bless!!

there will be great days
by: Anonymous

Hi - Im sorry your sad. Im 33, diagnosed years ago - the same story as many of the folk here. The only thing i can tell you it to have a plan for getting through the tough days, recognise the good days when they come around and hope for the great days! dont let it rule ur mind or ur heart. Fight hard enough to keep urself in the game and after a while u will learn to find some peace come of the time. Cryptic i know but its the best i can offer.
keep fighting

hang in there
by: April

Just wanted to let you know we all know how you feel. It is very frustrating and depressing to know that you have a disease that is uncurable and makes you sick a lot. I think the lady who talks about God has it right. It takes so much faith to believe that there is a higher power out there who will carry you through the tough times, but you have to believe. It's comforting to me to know God knows what I am going through. I have four children under the age of 8 who I stay home and raise. When I first found out I was devestated, but as my mom reminds me, it's not curable, but it is livable. I am learning that everyone in life struggles and has hard times, and why should I be any different? You have to accept what it is and be thankful it is treatable. It is not a death sentence. There are many natural herbs that help w/ crohns. I take acidophilis, slippery elm, and capsacian, and the fish oil, along w/ some stuff called Bio Immune that a natural dr. prescribed to my mom for her fibromyalgia. It is suppose to build your immune system. I recommend a good natural dr. The meds for crohns are so potent that I refuse (at this point anyway) to take them and suffer their effects. Just remind yourself to be thankful for what you do have. It will get better.

by: Anonymous

i have crons for 3 years and im on prednisone i would like to know can i fall pregnant and how does aloe vera help im 32 with no children.

coping with chron's
by: Elisa

i would like to thank people for giving me some insight about what they go through with Chron's. I feel so bad for the people like me any others who have to cope with this disease but i learned that if you share what you go through with people who are in the same situation it helps alot. I am trying to get back a bit of my life but i do have to have another operation feb. 1 and it all due because of the chron's and hopefully i will feel better and get some peace. I just wanted to get just a little happiness and feel good when i get up in the mornings.For those who have this disease hang in there, i guess with time, it will get better.

by: Anonymous

hi, i cant help you, but i am going through exactly that now. would you like to talk?

Coping With Crohn's
by: Marissa

Crohn's is a hard thing to cope with because you never know how you're going to feel the next day. I've been through a lot of things because of Crohn's and was hospitalized for 66 days last year and a half. I have a colostomy and I've had times where I was depressed. I had to come to the point where I realized that God was in control and that He wouldn't let me fall through the cracks. I prayed for a peace that passes all understanding and God gave it to me. Yes, it took some time and reprogramming of my mind. Now, I choose to look at the positive things every day and put my focus on those. There are several days when I just don't feel good, but I can choose to be happy anyway and make the best of it. Just try to enjoy life... think of every minute as an opportunity instead of a challenge. I see Crohn's as an opportunity to beat the odds instead of a threat. I know there are times when you feel like you just can't pull yourself out of it and be happy, but I've found that in those times God is faithful to send somebody else my way who can help me.

by: Anonymous




Hope this helps
by: Kandi (Abbotsford, BC)

Coping with stress, is one thing that I find is a must with crohns. Or the stress, will send me into a episode and I'm in emerg for the day! After 22 years with this, I finally realized that working out at the gym with the headphones on, and focusing on my innerself is a life saver! I've been taking a good multi vitamin, fish oil and acidofolis. I think it really helps.

Depressed about crohn's
by: Willi

I think being depressed about a disease that will effect the rest of you life is normal. I have those problems as well and I was and am still sometimes worried about losing my job. I have to start very early in the morning before work getting ready and making sure that I have gone to the bathroom enough before I start to work. I also had been nauseated and vomiting some mornings which makes my symptoms to crohn's disease even worse. Finally I started taking a XANAX every morning early and it settles me down for the morning. Mornings are always the worse if I could get to work and get past the first few hours things would get better and the XANAX has helped tremendously. My boss told me in the peak of problems if I felt bad I should stay home but I told him with the crohn's disease I feel bad every morning and that is why I push myself into work and most of the time it gets better. I also let my supervisor that I always need to work with a restroom nearby and that makes me feel much more relaxed. XANAX may not be the answer for you they are other similar medications and anti-depressants as well. Mine was more of a high anxiety causing my nausea. Hope this helps and your case maybe somewhat different than mine.

"IT" lives with you
by: Pooper

I think we all can say at some point or another that we've all been through some type of depression or periods of letting it get us down while struggling with this disease. Its tough to live with, especially when you have a family that depends on you getting up everyday ~ even when you dont feel like it.

It seemed at one point to completely rule my life. Crohns dictates what i eat, where i eat it
( in public or at home and if theres a bathroom nearby ), where i go on vacation ( if i even feel like going somewhere ), what clothes i wear
( jeans or elastic waist ), do i have my pill case to house the 16 i take in a day.. the list is endless and im sure you have a list that you could add to mine and we could probably collectively circle the globe.

I think i finally reached a point of being sick and tired of being sick and tired and decided that im not living with crohns disease anymore.. CROHNS IS GONNA LIVE WITH ME. Im kind of a brat that way. I think whether we are in remission or not, we will always have it. Once i stopped stressing over the stresses of this disease, i actually felt better. I think i got caught up in this never-ending cycle of "i hurt so i stress.. i stress so i hurt".

Its hard to break it, but once you do.. you'll feel the difference even if its just a little bit.. youre in my thoughts!

stay strong
by: leslie

i can understand how you feel.i have had crohns for 7 tears now. i lost my job because of the illnes but i have another one now. crohns is a frustrating desease, but it is controlable. i have been through what you are will pass just make sure that you look after your self.try to fight the desease,dont let it control your life. all the best leslie

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crohn's disease and depression

by PJ

I just really need someone to talk to. I have Crohn's disease and am under alot of stress lately. My husband left me after 27 years of marriage and I am just devastated by this. He told me one night that he doesn't love me anymore and he wants a divorce. I don't know what to do. I can't work, I don't feel well at all and now on top of all that, I am so depressed, I don't even want to be around. Can someone talk to me?

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Don't Give Up! NEW
by: Pete

Hi PJ I'm here if you would like to talk . Email Make subject Crohns on email. Have Better Day.

Depression and crohn's NEW
by: Teresa

Dear PJ,
I can totally relate to depression. I have been through my house burning down and then my husband committing suicide after I separated from him for alcholism. Then both my kids got hooked on heroin for ten years. My son's best friend died on Easter of heroin overdose. My inlaws the same year died in a house fire and my sister died of an overdose too. I just had kidney cancer and survived that. I am in remission, thank the Lord. Now I find out all these awful symptoms is crohn's. I say, God why? When does it end? But he never promised us this life would be easy, just the next. That's why I accepted Christ into my heart and gave all this to him. I couldn't take it alone anymore. I have much more peace now, but I still feel sorry for myself sometimes. Then I remember others who are suffering much worse Than I am. Give Jesus a place in your heart and see if you don't find alot more to live for. God Bless!

by: Peter Bray

Life stinks, far too often. Join an Internet Crohns support group, find out how other people cope.
Nobody's immune to tragedy on this planet.
Imagine the quadriplegic bound to their electric wheel chair or my Dad from WWII with no hands and one eye due to a grenade explosion, he survived to live another 50 years and support a family while serving other veterans through his job with the Veteran's Admnistration, San have to look for the silver lining in every stinking cloud...they are there, or you have to make them...

Check out my website:

Peter Bray, Benicia, CA

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Deep Dark whole "Crohn's Depression"

by Ida
(Mississauga, ON)

Sometimes I feel very alone. Not use to this depresson that goes with having Crohn's. I don't really have anybody to talk to. On what we that have Crohn's actully go through. I am so tired of being tired, I am tired of the nausa, fever, fatigue and pain. I am tired that people really can't understand unless they are living it. I had surgery about 5 years ago. The constant every day nausa and fatigue is just to much to handle some days.

My family is supportive, but at the sametime.... sometimes they make me feel like this is all in my head. I push myself just a little harder just to get through the day. I try and hide how I really feel. But they have noticed I am just not happy anymore. I wear a mask and when someone asks how I am - I always say fine when actually I feel like cramp. I don't even know what normal is anymore. I get so excited when I have one or two days of just feeling good. Then that horrible feeling comes back once again and just take over my body from head to toe .The once happy, strong and independent person I once was seems to be gone. This deep dark whole is just to much right now.

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Deep Dark Whole Crohn's Depression NEW
by: Annette Young

Hello there,

When I read your post I felt obliged to reply to you because I completely understand how you feel. Crohn's is an isolating disease and it can make you become very introverted and feel as if you want to shut yourself away.

Depression is very common for those who suffer with chronic Crohn's so please do not feel like you are the only one who experiences the depths of despair. The fatigue that is associated with Crohn's alone is enough to make you feel depressed but when you couple that with feelings of nausea pain and fever, it might be easier to think why wouldn't you be depressed?

I speak to many people who have Crohn's disease and they tell me very similar stories. Having a support network is vital even if they don't quite get what you are going through. From an outsider looking in, it is hard for them to imagine the continual pain and why you're not yourself anymore. In a way I can relate to this because I watched my mother go through years of pain prior to being diagnosed and after. It was hard for me to watch her endure all this because I felt frustrated and helpless and unable to do much to help apart from to tell her I cared.

I'm sure your family feel the same, they want to help you but don't know what to do. I know what it's like to put on an act and to pretend that everything is okay but sadly, many people don't understand the hold that Crohn's can have over your life. I am quite sure that when the feelings of pain eventually lift, your feelings of depression will alleviate too.

You do not mention what medication you are on and I hope that you are receiving support from your doctor. It does not sound as if any medication is working though and so I would suggest that you go back to see your doctor and ask for advice. Crohn's is so unpredictable, that sometimes it is trial and error before the doctors can find the right treatment for you. Once you get the pain managed, life will start to look a little better.

My thoughts are with you and with everyone who is experiencing similar pain and sadness.

Thank you, Crystal
by: IDA


Thank you, for your kind words. Trying to stay focused and working through the depression side of it. Between this sight and my therapist things are looking better, My therapist is teaching me the tools on how not to let the Crohns get the better of me. I mentioned to him in one session out of everything.... I lost myself somewhere along the way. The person I use to be..... He has taught me although things have changed it is ok... Let the people around me in .... share my feelings, the whole crohn's thing with them. Take the help... I don't have to do it all myself. Although my friends/ family have always been supportive it was me that didn't really open up for them to understand. I talk more now instead of holding it in. My husband tells me that I am to independent and refuse to ask for help. He is right. When I am use to doing it all... it was hard to admit some sort of defeat. Just can't do it anymore and that is "OK" ... ONE STEP AT A TIME
Visiting this sight I find It helps when I know / read all the stories. Which is your headline? Would love to read it.

stay strong
by: Crystal

My heart really goes out to you. This disease can really trigger depression and I am hoping that you seek some sort of counceler to deal with what you are going through. If you can, try to find a hobby or something that you can handle physically. It may really help you to feel better emotionally and will mabe take some of the focus off of what you are dealing with. I have been taking this concentrated alow drink and it has really helped me feel better. Take care and stay strong.

Thank you!
by: Ida

Would like to thak you for your replies. Just checked them this week. I have been feeling like crap for so long. I have gone to see a shrink to help with the depression and it has helped alot!
No meds want to get throught naturally.

Yes, I agree sometimes about being strong and maybe this is why Crohn's and I crossed paths and now we have to live together. I can take just about anything life has to offer hurdles and all.

1999 Chron's was the year I was given the news.
For years prior to that I was told by many doctors it was all in my head.
Lost my job 1999.. The pain was knocking me off my feet so many trips to the ER.. 2002 I had surgery..My dear friend killed himself.. my nephew was killed in a car accident, became a grandmother :) He's seven now and so cute! ...
Jan 2003 ...fighting with friends family they just don't understand and want to suck the life out of me. Take a pill snap out of it.

Learning to live with Chron's and trying to say "NO" more often.... I can live with all of this. I can.... but my husband, my world, my best friend told me July 2007 he had "CANCER"

I think this was my snapping point. I can't complain about my Chron's. September 2007 my husband had surgery. All went well! Not a day has gone by that I don't look a him and think how blessed I really am to have in in my life.

Not a day goes by when you don't think on the next test for him will the big "C" return

July 2008 My dog died from cancer... yes it may sound silly! I miss her so much! One year and a day that my husband told me about his Cancer finding. My thoughts were to myself this could have been my husband. Thanked God that all my husbands blood work has come back 0% and clean of cancer

2008 I feel tired almost everyday! I wear a mask for my husband.... can't even imagine what he is going through waiting on the blood work to come back. Aug 2008 Blood levels are on the rise again for him not sure where we go from here. More blood work to follow....

Trying not to get stressed out / worrying out of control. Yeah thats not happening... And you know what that does for us with Chrone's ....
Just needed to vent.... sorry ! Trying to hold it together.... And your kind words were most helpful
Thank you,

down not out
by: jodi

Have just read your feed,hope you are feeling better now.Its hard to cope sometimes a,i think only the strong get chrohns as it deals us some mighty blows.I was 18 whn first diagnosed am now (eeeeek)41 and yes sometimes life sucks but somehow we keep have to be positive i know its easy for me to say.have you tried St Johns Wart its a natural anti depressent.Good luck with all that you do,take care.


down not out
by: jodi

Have just read your feed,hope you are feeling better now.Its hard to cope sometimes a,i think only the strong get chrohns as it deals us some mighty blows.I was 18 whn first diagnosed am now (eeeeek)41 and yes sometimes life sucks but somehow we keep have to be positive i know its easy for me to say.have you tried St Johns Wart its a natural anti depressent.Good luck with all that you do,take care.


You are Surely Not Alone
by: Kim

There have been many bad Crohn's days for me and I walk around and tell friends and family that I felt just fine, but in actuality I felt ill. Like a lingering achiness, fatigue, and just YUCK. It is very tough, but if you can just try to meditate, relax and pray sometimes it helps. Sometimes, I just get in a nice warm bath and rub myself down and crawl into bed. Watch what you eat and drink and having a good support system helps too. I am 34 and have been diagnosed with CD for 8 years, but it was long before that, when I was feeling bad. Just 2 months ago, I had to have more than a foot of my intestines removed and I now wear a split down the front of my stomach from the surgery. Each day was tough, but I have been determined to feel better and live life and ride until the WHEELS fall off! I am a single mother and that is tough also - because so often my kids have to see me sick, but I even take that as a blessing because they help me (they are 3 and 10 years old). Anyway, stay strong...and take each day at a time.

You're not alone in feeling alone !!!
by: Anonymous

Ida - You're not alone in being told that this is all in your head. Most of us were not only told that by family members at some point, but by a Doctor or two also! In fact, I've pretty much lost a husband because he thinks I "milk" it. They truly cannot understand until they've walked in our shoes and I pray the dear Lord they never have to. Listen you HAVE to find a counselor somewhere and go talk to them. There are TONS of free resources out there: church, red cross, city mental health clinics - even your nearest hospital will probably have a crohn's support group if nothing else. You are NOT alone - all of us here live with this and suffer just as you do. Please, go find someone to talk to live and in person. You WILL get through this and one day find joy again; trust me, we've all been there ! God bless.

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Crohn's caused by depression???

by Jazz


I have often thought that being at the worst stage in my life and severely depressed was what brought Crohn's on as I never had it till I had a traumatic event happen in my life.

Anyone else had anything similar or think there could be some merit in this?


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Depression and stress NEW
by: Annette

Hello there,

I felt compelled to write in after viewing a few posts about depression and stress and I can categorically confirm that whilst stress does not cause Crohn's disease,(sadly we don't know what does yet) stress is absolutely a confirmed trigger.

Dealing with stress and depression of course is so difficult. Wouldn't it be great if we could all wave a magic wand and make it all go away? Stress impacts us all differently, we react differently to it. What might stress you out will not stress me out etc.

So, the only way to be able to cope with Crohn's disease and to limit flare-ups is to try to think positively and learn how to manage those difficult scenarios that really wind us up. To do this we need to re-evaluate our whole lifestyle in some cases. Stop doing the things that make our lives go a bit haywire and we need to learn to be kinder to ourselves.

Many people think they work well under pressure, they think that they manage stress and it fires them up but, even if you take Crohn's out of the equation, stress is so damaging.

Depression is quite common when it comes to Crohn's. It's not surprising really. It can literally turn your life upside down. It can make you feel very out of control and constant pain can make anyone feel very down. In addition, Crohn's is often quite an embarrassing disease for many and this sense of embarrassment can make it an isolating disease which again can lead to feelings of depression.

The only way to cope is to think about the good aspects of life and to listen to your body. When you need to rest, rest. When you need sleep, try to get some, if you start to experience early signs, eat a basic diet and see if that helps. Eliminate fizzy drinks and alcohol and instead be kind to your intestine and help it to heal. Only by anticipating it and trying a flexible approach can it become bearable.

Of course those with clinical depression will need to speak to their doctors for medical advise and ensure that treatment will not react with any Crohn's medications.

I hope that helps?

If anyone else has suffered with depression as a result of Crohn's, do share your experiences with us and provide advice or information as to how you came through it.

I think so too
by: Anonymous

3 months ago,I was also recently diagnosed with crohns at 50 years old and this happened in a very stressful and emotional time in my life.

by: Tod

I have had CD for 38 years(since I was 12) and when I was first diagnosed the doctor's theory was that it was caused solely by depression. That is a very backwards way of thinking but back then there was really no other explanation. We now know that nothing can be farther from the truth. CD is an auto immune difficiency disease that there are many different ways of treating.
Having said that, like most diseases and ailments for that matter, stress(both physical and emotional) can definately be a catalyst in bringing symptoms to the surface.
I feel that finding a centering activity (such as meditation, a hobby or even seeing a therapist) really helps both the mind and the body to bring this disease under control. Don't rely on just the medical treatments. Take control of the emotional part of this disease and fight it with all your new found strength!!!!

something to do with it i think
by: Anonymous

i was recently diagnosed with crohns.. a few weeks before i was diagnosed my boyfriend and i broke up and i took it really badly. i was stressed, really upset and couldnt eat properly. i think that it played a party in bringing my crohns on.. and doesnt bad stress cause ulcers?

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