crohns disease and babies

by holly

can you have babies if you have cohn's disease? i was wondering because someone very close to me has it.

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Crohn's disease and babies NEW
by: Annette Young

Hello there,

Thank you for your post. It’s a great question and it has a positive answer- yes many crohn’s sufferers go on to have healthy babies.

If your friend is planning to have a baby she should really tell her doctors as soon as possible. The doctor will give her a lot of advice and in fact forward planning is a good idea because she can ensure that she is as healthy as possible prior to getting pregnant.

The doctors may advice that she take vitamins prior to conceiving as this will allow her health to improve first. Possibly surprisingly, fertility rates for any woman with Crohn's disease is only slightly lower.

Depending on the medicine provided, the doctors may suggest that your friend would stay on medication for as long as possible simply because her health is absolutely crucial to the ongoing development of the child. For some medication, it is suggested that a lower dosage is taken or for the medication to stop completely during the latter stage of pregnancy.

Some pregnant women find that their health improves substantially whilst they are pregnant but others do not notice any changes or feel worse at this time.

Many women are concerned that their babies will have a higher chance of of having Crohn's disease to and in fact there is about 7% chance that the child could in fact develop this condition. It would be wise to speak to your friend about this as if both of them suffer with Crohn's disease, the risk escalates to approximately 40% so is significantly higher.

Please forward this link to your friend so that she can check out medicines and pregnancy details.

I hope this helps.

Annette Young

Crohns and Twins NEW
by: Jess

Hi, I'm 33 years old, I was diagnosed when 21 with crohns. I am now on Remicade every 8 weeks as maintenance therapy. I had twins girls in January last year. I had been nervous since starting my medications, and particularly remicade, on how thus would affect fertility and pregnancy. Our girls were conceived though IVF due to both my husband and I having issues. They told me my eggs were "fragile" and much older than my age- ? Drug related or just me. Anyway, first IVF cycle successful with our embryo splitting and getting identical twins. At advice of my gastro doc I stayed on remicade through my pregnancy every 8 weeks, then ceasing at 30 weeks until 6 weeks after girls delivered. I had no issues related to crohns. I breastfed my girls and they don't seem to show any signs if a compromised or lower immune system. Were hoping to do it all again once the madness settles down!!

pregnancy NEW
by: Anonymous

I am 65 yrs old and have 6 children! dx w chrons in1965 and its been difficult but not when pg. Doc says pregnancy acted like being on steroids...I continued to do well while nursing....of course one cannot stay pg and nursing forever. One of my sons,26,has brother also and my son's father,as well as 2 cousins.

my story NEW
by: Anonymous

Hi there, i have been diagnosed with crohns for about 10 years now.. I ended up having a bowel resection in 2008 but got pregnant staight after, my son is neary three now and i also have twin girls of 16 months and touch wood they will be free from the disease.
I decided to have my family early and close together so that i can now concentrate on my health and not have to worry what some medication wld do during pregnancy, i also knew that there is the risk that my kids could develop the disease but atleast i have the knowledge of what signs to look for..... And as for the pregnancy side of things everything was good and i continued on a low dose of asacol throughout x good luck

Crohn's and Babies NEW
by: Hockey Mom

I was diagnosed with Crohn's 2 years before I got pregnant. My doctor assured me that pregnancy would be safe for my baby AND me. I now have a fabulous 14 year old son and being pregnant put my Crohn's into remission for almost 15 years! Unfortunately, it's back and my husband says no to another baby to induce remission!Trying 6MP instead. I do worry about my son getting Crohn's, but so far, knock on wood, he's fine and other than me, we have no family history.
Good luck!

17-Pregnant-with Crohn's NEW
by: Anonymous

My son and his girlfriend are very young and she is 6 months pregnant. She is 17 yrs. old and has had Crohn's since she was 12. Her doctor monitors her very closely and she has lots of appointments so they can make sure everything is o.k. So far she is doing very well and they have even done many ultrasounds to make sure the baby looks o.k. as far, so good. There is a big chance the baby can have Crohn's disease because not only does the mother have it but the father has a few cases of Crohn's on his side of the family as well. We are praying that the baby and mommy get through the pregnancy o.k and continues to be alright.

crohns disease and babies NEW
by: Anonymous

The likelihood of the child having Crohn's is about 30-50% depending on what literature you read.

That was one reason why I never had children. I would not want anybody to go through what I have been/am going through. I would not be able to live with myself knowing that I had caused another person so much suffering.

crohns disease and babies NEW
by: LILI(NJ)

Yes, it is possible to have have "crohn's and babies"
Not too long ago I had one of my patients who had been getting Remicade every 8 weeks, and then became pregnant..Of course she was very afraid and skeptical...But, with treatment and a close surveillance by her OB and Gastroenterologist, she was able to have a beautiful and heathy baby...

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