crohn's disease after birth

is crohn's disease getting worse after birth?

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crohn's disease after birth NEW
by: Annette Young


Thanks for your question.
Are you planning to become pregnant or have you just had a baby and found that the symptoms now are getting worse?

Many women find that Crohn's disease and all of the symptoms are reduced dramatically during pregnancy. It can help if the pregnancy is planned and that it occurs during a period of remission. Medical advice should also have been provided prior to getting pregnant and to ensure that any medications are safe during this time.

There is a line of thought that pregnancy helps with the disease because it is an autoimmune disease, and so essentially your body turns in on itself. When you are pregnant, your body seems to protect the pregnancy-turning off the automatic immune system.

It is possible that after pregnancy, your body will revert back to normal. The immune system will start attacking itself again and because you may have had less problems for some time, it can certainly feel as if the Crohn's disease is getting worse ,but this might not be the case. You should always check with your doctor and report any changes with the disease and symptoms.

I hope this helps.

Best of luck,


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