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Hi there, my name is Stipa and I have recently been diagnosed with CD. I was wondering if anyone has a certain food diet that's helping with Crohn's Disease?

Thank you

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by: Annette Young

Hello there,

Thanks for your question. There are many different diets or dietary plans that can help Crohn's sufferers but it is very much on an individual basis, so trial and error I am afraid.

Try to reduce or eliminate the following:

Dairy products - many crohn's sufferers find they are lactose intolerant so eliminating dairy can be really beneficial.

Fat- depending on which part of the body the crohn's affects, reducing a fatty diet can really help too.Cut out fried foods.

Alcohol and smoking - these should be eliminated immediately as these can cause flare-ups.

High fiber - reduce the amount of fiber as soon as possible because although is healthy for most, crohn's sufferers often find that too much causes abdominal problems.

Spicy foods - eat as plain a diet as possible.

Some people swear by taking fish oils and aloe vera, but do be careful of aloe vera as it can cause diarrhea. Equally drinking more water and reducing or eliminating fizzy drinks will start to help immediately.

The best thing you can do is to start checking your diet and keep a food journal. This will help you to highlight any potential triggers.

Hope this helps?
Good luck.


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