crohn's and the future

by Charles Bonham
(Streamwood, IL, Cook)

Hi everyone, my name is Charles. I have been diagnoesed with crohns 6 years ago. I am now 25. I have had severe surgeries. Everyday I get stomach aches, weakness, diarrhea, once in a while blurry vision, weight loss, and once in a while joint pains.

I have a girlfriend right now, who I might spend the rest of my life with, and I'm going to school to finish a four year degree.

My question to everyone...Does life get better?
Can I give this terrible disease to my children?
Am I going to be strong enough to take care of myself, my parents, maybe my own family someday?


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Crohn's and the future NEW
by: Annette Young

Hi Charles,

I am so sorry to hear that you were diagnosed with Crohn's and at such a young age. I know how disruptive it can be to everyday life.

I assume you are on medication to help control the symptoms? If the medication is not working that well, please do go back to your doctor and ask for alternative treatment, it is very much trial and error and there will be some treatments that will help alleviate the symptoms.

Well done for making the decision to go after your degree. I can completely understand why you have doubts about your future. We all get doubts about the decisions we make and whether we are going to be up to cope with life, but inevitably we do cope with all that life throws at us.

I know that you are in pain currently, but your future is looking quite positive. You have a partner and a chance of a good qualification/career, hold onto those thoughts.

You may well find that your Crohn's disease goes into remission and you have long bouts of time with little pain or few symptoms if any. Some people go into remission for years and only experience the occasional flare-up, but do bear in mind that flare-ups can and will occur. You may not feel that you've been coping that well but it sounds as if you are doing quite a good job of things. Many people go on to live normal productive lives and I'm sure you will rise to any challenges that lie ahead.

There is a greater risk of your children inheriting Crohn's too, I know that this is something you will not want to hear, but if your partner has Crohn's as well, there is an even greater risk.

This is something you may wish to discuss with your doctor near to that time.

Stay positive and good luck.

Annette Young

Crohn's and the future
by: Anonymous

Oh my, I feel for you. The most important thing to remember about Crohn's disease is not to let it beat you. Every doctor that I talk to tells me that having Crohn's can be worse than having cancer. It is something that many do not understand and sometimes belittle. But you have to keep your head up and be optimistic about the future. Be clear with your doctor about your symptoms. If you do not feel a medicine is working for you, let him/her know. Take control of your life. Ask your doctor what they can do to help you with your symptoms, more so than they are. I actually found that a few of the medicines that I was on were causing a majority of my problems. Look at the side effects for your medicines and make a determination if that is what is happening with you. Talk to your doctor about discontinuing that medicine for a short period to test your theory. I have my good and bad days. I sometimes wonder if I can continue on, but the answer is always yes. Strive to live. What doesn't kill you, makes you stronger!

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