crohns and laxatives

by Pauline

i was diagnosed with crohns/colitis in August 2007. i suffer from chronic constipation and was wondering should i be taking my movicol laxative?

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I heard from somewhere that laxative abuse cause crohns disease NEW
by: Anonymous

I heard from somewhere that laxative abuse cause crohns disease? Is that right I do little research and I find that scientist are also not exactly know what certain they are I was diagnosed crohn disease in 2011 when I was in Manchester to attend a student seminar organized by pay to write for assignment but now am fine but I want to know the details

crohns and laxatives NEW
by: Miller

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crohns & laxatiives
by: dave

i go to the asian store buy some ginger
and make myself some ginger tea .you cut the ginger up in to piece`s ,boil for a little while,drain the ginger out and add honey really cleans you out for a couple of weeks .i drink it every other day and i feel much better

Crohn's Laxatives
by: Anonymous

I use mineral oil everyday for constipation. It tastes gross and you really have to figure out the right amount to take or else you may leak but it works for me. My doctor recently suggested Miralax which is supposed to be much more pleasant but I'm a creature of habit so I haven't tried it yet.

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