Crohns and gastric bypass

I had a gastric bypass in 2001 and have had nothing but complications and endless abdominal pain so debilitating I cannot even work and most days I cannot eat or drink liquid due to the pain...not to mention the one too many hospital stays. I was just diagnosed with both Crohns and Celiac. Apparently, the staples in the intestine made the Crohns come to life where before it was dormant. Has anyone else had weight-loss surgery and also suffers from Crohns??? SInce I have intolerances to so many foods anyway cause of my gastric bypass and now Celiac, I am wondering what foods to absolutely avoid at all costs.

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Crohn's and Gastric Bypass
by: Anonymous

I had my Gastric bypass 17 years ago and was diagnosed with Crohn's 10 years ago. I was just released from the hospital for yet another bowel obstruction. I am back to eating baby food as I need a resection of the area that keeps becoming instructed. They attempted two different balloon dilations with the last attempt in February. I had been keeping the weight off with a proper diet and exercise and also was holding steady around 150 for the last 17 years, except during Crohn's flares. I now struggle to keep my weight at 125-130 lbs. My real weight is less than that when you factor in the loose skin that I did not have surgery to remove. I was lucky that the military insurance paid for some skin removal but when my husband got out of active duty service, we lost our health benefits. He is now in the national guard and we once again have Tricare, but because I am retired on disability and have Medicare, they will not pay for skin removal. Medicare does not cover it and Tricare automatically denies anything Medicare denies.
Crohn's affects everyone differently. Some never have to have surgery; others, like me, have severe disease and require many surgeries. Some can tolerate food that others can't. Some are overweight, while others require tpn. It really is a difficult disease because it is so unpredictable and flares can come out of nowhere.

Crohn's after RNYGB
by: Anonymous

Had RNYGB in 2001. Diagnosed with Crohns in 2008. Have had 12 small bowel surgeries for various complications. Having another in a month to fix yet another stricture in my jejunum as well as having a feeding tube inserted. Now I struggle to keep the weight on!

Gastric Bypass and Crohns
by: Mary

Hi there! I was sorry to hear of all your complications and intolerences-that must be very difficult. I had an open Ru-en-y Gastric Bypass in 1998 (age 25) and have just been diagnosed with Crohn's this week (age 37). I am going to get a Celiac test as well. My surgery was complication free and successful with sustained weight loss of 150 lbs 12 years post-op. How long ago did you have your surgery? I have issues with high fat foods and sugar, simple carbs, etc. I cut ALL sugar out of my diet and that has helped tremendously. I drink NOTHING with calories or bubbles. No fruit juices (though I do eat lots of fresh whole fruits and veggies). Those things have helped me TONS through the last 12 years. I am only just learning about Crohns and don't know how it will affect my life. I have had diarrhea for 7 years, but always chalked it up to having had the bypass. Dr said that's not normal and decided to test me for Crohns-TERRIBLY painful colonoscopy, biopsies and some other tests to confirm Crohns. I wish I could be of more help to you-we can maybe help support each other in the future:)

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