Crohns and bladder problems

by Judith

I can find very little about UTI symptoms and crohns. I get up 4 or 5 times a night, mornings are the worst time of day. All UTI symptoms but no infection present.
Is there anything I can do, I am new at this.

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Possible UTI
by: Chelsi

Hello I have been battling what I thought was a UTI for the past week. They tested me for it at the Dr and the test came back negative. I was diagnosed with Crohns in 2018. I have had more than one bowel obstructions. They prescribed me antibiotics to see if that would clear up my symptoms but I still have what seems to be UTI like symptoms. Didn't really think there would be a link between this and Crohns. What can I do to make it go away? Any suggestions?

Not yet diagosed
by: Anonymous

Hi there, I am currently waiting for a referral to the hospital to find out what is causing blood in my stools, I have had symptoms of blood-white fluid, felling dizzy, rashes, pains and needing the toilet urgently. I also have had an on going battle with bladder infections for the past four years they are excruciating, I was just wondering if this could be linked?

Of course I have not yet been diagnosed with crohn's it could be something else but that's what the doctors are starting to think it is, I was just wondering if anyone could give me advice on diet etc as the referral is taking so long and it's getting uncomfortable.

Crohn's and bladder pain
by: Anonymous

I was diagnosed with Crohns about 16 yrs ago. I have had one bowel resection for a fistula to my bladder. Over the years I have been botherd with bladder pain(spams) and pain after urinaing (different than UTIs). I am beginning to think that it is related to my Crohns. I have had kidney stones and some UTIs as well. I am very frustrated as I have had symtpoms now for about 8weeks straight and do not want to go to the doctors as they have not helped me in the past. What to do?

Bladder and Crohn's
by: Steve

It is not unusual to find bladder problems / urethritis I'd think? It happens to me even with Crohn's in remission. I don't suppose it is much of a leap to suggest if we have a tendency to inflammation (the type Crohn's presents) then we could display inflammation anywhere?

Treating it is a whole other issue though. I suspect Cranberries or treatments for Cystitis might work? Ain't a Dr though.

by: Help.

I have not yet been diagnosed with Crohns but have been living with IBS for years and beleive i was wrongly diagnosed, about 2 years ago i started recreationally using ketamine and from that point the symptomns seemed to 'Remiss'. Around 6 months ago i got to a point of everyday use and experienced some of the worst pain in my life which i beleive to be a flare up. I find i need to urinate more frequently and the urine itself doesnt flow properly asif its been blocked, could this be linked to either disease, i also am woken in the night by bowel movement and the need to urinate. I would be more than happy if somebody can gve me an explanation to this to put my mind at rest, everybody else thinks its a psychological disorder but i can tell when somethings up and has been for a long time. Thanks.

Irritated with Crohn's and Bladder Problems
by: Ericka

Every since I was diagnosed with this disease it has been a challenge dealing with the sudden onset of pain and bladder infections. Sometimes, there is not infection at all, just pain and pressure. And taking the Cipro around the clock just seems to keep my face irritated because no matter what, you seem to get into sunlight some how. Please help with any suggestions.

Crohns and bladder problems
by: Crystal

I was diagnosed January 1st of 2008 with crohns disease and I too have had bladder problems.I have had 4 bladder infections in the span of 3 months and just read on a site that if a fistula develops between the intestine and the bladder (enteric-vesicular fistula) can cause frequent urinary tract infections and the passage of gas and feces during urination. I notice that I too have to use the bathroom quite frequently during the night and it is very bothersome. I would recommend taking some cranberry complex pills by Jamieson. It helps to prevent urinary tract infections. Also, and this is just my theory, I am no doctor. With everything that goes on in the abdominl region with this disease. It may be making you feel very uncomfortable in the bladder region. I know it does for me. It is this really ticklish need to scratch my inside kind of feeling, which is really annoying. Anyway I hope that this helped you in some way. Good luck and take care.

Cronhs and UTI symptoms

I originlly had all the tests to see why i had all the symptoms of a uti every month or so but all tests came back clear. I have recently been diagnosed with Cronhs and am still having 24 hour UTI symptoms but no infection present. This would suggest a possible linkage? I can get up 3 times most nights also.

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