crohn's and alcohol

Hi, I'm 18, first year university, and just got diagnosed with crohn's. Taking sulfer and fish oil. Doctor prescribed steroids but I'm not taking them.
Drinking is a big part of my social life, and obviously while I was having symptoms drinking didn't go very well.
What are my odds of being able to drink once i've been taking sulfer and fish oil for a while?

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Crohn's and alcohol NEW
by: Annette Young

Hi there,

Thanks for your post. Your query raises concerns generally as socially many of us like to have a drink. The bad news is that alcohol can really cause your crohn's to flare-up and you may find that you are unable to drink alcohol.

I know for anyone in their late teens, it may seem unthinkable to not be able to have a drink of alcohol but at some point you need to consider which is more important - your health or being able to have a drink. Your health is so important.

Alcohol can massively exaggerate the symptoms of Crohn's and can cause you to have diarrhea. It can also have an adverse effect on any medication that you are taking.
It can also cause an inflammation in your gastrointestinal tract. It is a toxin and as such, can cause a flare-up because of this.

Unfortunately, Crohn's can have such an adverse impact on people's lives and it makes it hard to live a normal life. The only way is to find your won individual way and to adapt. I would suggest stripping out all of the potential triggers from your diet and to see how you feel then.
I hope this helps?

Good luck,


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