Could this be Crohn's?

I started two weeks ago with pain right under my breastbone and nausea. I then had 2 really bad upset stomachs...not diahrrea but not constpiation---like an IBS/Spastic colon kind of stool...then later that evening terrible menstrual cramps (was cycling), but they weren't normal. I thought maybe I was getting a virus. The next day, it was isolated to my breast bone and right side with nausea and was worse when I was up and about. The doctor was convinced this was appendicitis and sent me to a surgeon.

He met me at the ER and did a ct scan as well as lots of labs. With morphene and zofran, I was still uncomfortable. They did an ultrasound and ruled out ectopic pregnancy and GYN problems.

The pain has persisted as has the nausea. I've lost 5lbs in a week...not vomiting though and I'm still eating---so why the weight loss?

I went to see a GI yesterday and he mentioned it could be Crohn's.

I've not had any bleeding in my stool (or at least that I know of---was cycling when this started). The pain is the worst on my right lower quadrant.

It seems like more symptoms of appendicitis (which everyone is convinced it is not) than Crohn's.

However, several years ago they mentioned I might have this, but no one ever did a colonoscopy---just an endoscopy and said I had a spastic colon and IBS as well as gastritis.

The GI I saw yesterday said that test can't diagnose the spastic colon.

On a different note, my children have intestinal pseudo obstruction, delayed gastric emptying and severe reflux (one required surgery and has a feeding tube) part of me wonders if it's something related to that.

Thanks for any help you can give. I just want to feel better.

I'm having an endoscopy on Tuesday and then a colonoscopy the next Tuesday. He also drew blood to check my liver and pancreas.

Has anyone had this pain for a long time before their appendix actually ruptured? Wouldn't they have seen something on the ct scan?

Thanks and Happy Thanksgiving.

pol atty @ g mail . com

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Could this be Crohn's?
by: Anonymous

Could it be gallbladder?

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