Could it be.....

by Marie

I am a 27 yr old female with a horrible history of constant diarrhea and abdominal pain. I was recently diagnosed with a peptic ulcer. Now I am severly constipated, and at my wits end!! Of course, nothing has shown up on any of the tests they have done. I do have mucous in my stools, along with them being a funny color, an elevated WBC for as long as I can remember. Has this happened to anyone else? I truely
believe I could have Crohns. I do not buy the Diagnosis I got 8 yrs ago of IBS. My appetite has dropped tremendosly in the last few months, I do not hardly eat, and still have symptoms. It wakes me up all hours of the night. And now with this new symptom I have never had, I do not know what to do. I think the doctors think I am half crazy!! Has anyone else gotten so depressed about this? I dont know what else to do......

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Crohn's disease NEW
by: Annette


I am so sorry to hear that you are going through a bad time health-wise. Crohn's disease can be responsible but it often takes quite a long time for a correct diagnosis to be made and this is what you need before you can start having treatment.

I would suggest that you keep a log of all of your symptoms so that when you go to the doctor, you can share the symptoms as it affects you. Never be afraid to ask for help and to push for answers. You have to sometimes be determined in your search for a correct diagnosis.

Inflammation can affect any part of the digestive tract, this means from the mouth right through to the digestive system and back passage. Commonly though, it affects the small intestine - ileum. But it can affect the colon too.

Symptoms vary but include:

Severe abdominal cramps
Joint pain
Extreme fatigue
Weight loss

Inflammation can affect your ability to be able to digest food and you may experience these symptoms:

Inflammation and irritation of the eyes
Blood and mucus in the faeces

No-one knows for sure why Crohn's disease happens but these factors have to be taken into consideration:

immune system
previous infection
environmental factors

As hard as it can be right now, the worst thing that you can do is to worry about it. It's a proven fact that stress and anxieties are triggers and can make the condition worse.

Do continue to ask questions and to push for a diagnosis. The more you can learn about how the disease affects you personally, the better your understanding will be.
There might not be a cure for Crohn's but, there are ways of living with it. I hope this helps.

Wishing you much luck and better health in the future.

If anyone has any advice or comments in relation to this post, then please do take the time to provide some additional support.

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