could i have crohn's disease?

Im 22 years old and have had rectal bleeding for about 7 months, bad canker sores, and mild diarrhea and thought that it could be crohn's disease. I went to the doctor for these symptoms and had a colonoscopy done and the doctor said my colonoscopy was normal except for some inflammation in my colon. I had blood tests to see if i had ulcerative colitis or crohn's disease but they came back negative. I still have to go back to my doctor to see what else it could be and have more tests done. Has anybody had these symptoms also??

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Could I have Crohn's Disease NEW
by: Annette Young


Thank you for your question.
It must be a worrying time for you at the moment while waiting to find out what is wrong.

Unfortunately, getting a decisive diagnosis for Crohn's seems to be very difficult. I know that the condition can remain un-diagnosed or misdiagnosed in some for many years. So you have to persist I am afraid and keep pushing for more tests if the symptoms continue or start to get worse.

Recently I discovered that an early indication are sores in the mouth and these can be present for up to a year before Crohn's can be accurately diagnosed.

Diarrhea is common with this disease too and if it happens regularly, do make sure that you are eating/absorbing enough nutrients.

If you are feeling generally unwell, often eating can be difficult so do try to eat foods that are easy to digest. Mashed foods, pureed, soups, broths or stews. It will give you all the vitamins and minerals but will be much easier to digest.

I have attached a link which tells you quite a lot about the condition and will form the foundations for you so that you know what to expect or to look out for.

I hope this helps.
Best of luck,


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