Coping with Crohns

I am a 36 year old female who has had dijestive problems as long as i can remember, I was diagnosed with reflux in high school, then later coliac disease which is hereditery(Great) i have been suffering with a stomach ache pretty much all my life.
Lately i have been experiencing rectal bleeding and very unhappy bowel even though i never eat any gluten.. I am so tired i can barely get out of my own way, and can sleep for 15 hours straight no probs. My doc sent a request for an urgent colononscopy but 5 weeks on i am still waiting for the public system. I have had to stop work for a while as that was just too much for me and nearly falling asleep at the wheel, and was also getting very stressful.
I also have severe back pain as well as tummy pain and spend most of the time with a heat pack attached to me. My social life is no non excistant as i dont have the energy,,

Any suggestions to what i can do while i wait...

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