Coping when it gets too much

by Crystal
(Tasmania, Australia)


I was diagnosed with Crohn's about 2 and a half years ago. Just lately I feel like I have been sick all the time and haven't felt well for more than a day at a time. This is really starting to get to me and I'm finding myself getting upset all the time! How do you deal with this when it all gets too much??

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coping when it gets too much NEW
by: Annette Young

Hello there,

I wanted to respond to these posts because I know that stress is a real trigger when it comes to an aggressive Crohn flare-up. At one time stress was considered to be the actual cause of people developing Crohn's disease, but this has now been confirmed not to be the case. However research has shown that stress can certainly put your body under duress and if you have Crohn's disease it can react accordingly.

It's hard to be stress-free in this day and age but what you have to do if you are suffering with this disease is to learn how to manage the stress. Don't get me wrong, it's not easy to stay positive when you are in pain. I can appreciate that moods can go up and down and fatigue is enough to make any positive thoughts disappear.

I always say that people need to take a holistic approach to managing Crohn's disease and although I am a real believer in natural health, I would always advocate that it is important to carry on taking the prescribed medication from the doctor to help keep the disease under control and to stop it from developing.

But there is a lot that you can do to help yourself - if you are in a stressful job, or if you are in a stressful situation at home, perhaps financially things are really tough, there may be some things that you can do to improve the situation just by looking at them with greater clarity. I can appreciate that there is also a lot that may be out of your control and this is frustrating too, but if you can learn to eradicate some of the things that can be stressful from around you, then you will find that life is a little bit easier on that score alone.

Then you can also add in fantastic resources like general relaxation techniques, practice deep breathing techniques and learn to let go of the stress on the out-breath. It sounds really easy but it actually works. You can also practice basic meditation - simply for relaxation or you can utilise some deep and healing techniques.

If this sounds a bit new age, take my word for it, it can actually make a difference. It’s not going to get rid of the Crohn’s but if you try to de-stress and avoid other triggers such as smoking, alcohol and certain foods, you may find that you start to take back the control bit by bit and that can be a big relief.

There may be other ways of relaxing and combating stress that you prefer, but it is a positive step to deal with certain areas of your life that need it. It certainly is not going to make the crohn's worse so worth a try.

I hope this helps,

by: Mike

Do what you gotta do to blow off steam. Like Tod said, Yoga, if you're in to that sort of thing.
I hit the weights, go for a bike ride or run, beat the hell out of a heavy bag for a bit, video games, or just take a nap. Don't become a victim of self pity, that's a bad place to be and doesn't fix anything. Whatever it is that puts you at ease, do it!

stressed out solutions
by: Tod

Not to bore you, but i have had CD for the better part of 38 years. I find that stress is a double edged sword that has to be tamed. The good news is it can be tamed.
Spiritually, I found that meditation is my savior. I took up yoga about 20 yrs ago and have been meditating for 35 years(twice a day). it really has helped me with the stress and the less stress the less flare ups. And I want you to understand that I work in a very high stress industry of the suit kind.
Physically(besides Remicade which has been my savior) I found that some of the herbal teas such as Chamomile and Yogi Tea's bedtime tea have been great when it all becomes overwhelming.
Working out, the right treatment and a good diet will make you feel better, which will, in turn, lessen your stress meter.
If you have more questions, please feel free to email me at

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