consantly going to bath room

i have crohns disease and go to the bath room at least 10 times a day they removed my colon

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Constantly going to the bathroom NEW
by: Annette Young

Hello there,

I'm sorry to hear that you are suffering so much with your Crohn's disease. It is really unpleasant to have to keep dashing to the bathroom every five seconds and is embarrassing I know when this happens within a work environment. If you have supportive colleagues, they're more likely to tease you about it in a friendly manner but even so, it's not pleasant.

I have always said that Crohn's disease has such an impact on the individual not only is it painful, frustrating and aggressive, its very nature can make you feel introverted and to not want to go out in case you need to go to the bathroom. My mother was diagnosed with Crohn's disease and although she was diagnosed with other conditions previously, eventually, when they finally confirmed the correct diagnosis, it was at least some relief to us. She had shut herself away for some time, not wanting to go out because she had constant diarrhea. She lost so much weight and looked ill and spent so much of her time in the bathroom that she said she would rather just stay at home.

I know many people who have considered giving up their jobs, not just because of the bathroom breaks but because they feel so fatigued and in pain a lot of the time. Some have but others manage to persevere and fortunately their Crohn's has gone into some sort of remission. One thing they did do was to inform their bosses of the situation and although it wasn't an enjoyable aspect, their employers were a lot more understanding as a result.

It is when I hear things like this, that I realise just what a hold the disease has on a lot of people.

I wish everyone the best of luck,

work and bathroom
by: Anonymous

Has anybody with crohns had to quit their job because of the bathroom trips.I've had crohns for 30yrs and have had 10 bowel resecs.Ilove my job but as i get older this crohns gets harder to deal with[min/25 times/day for bathroom]

bowel frequency post surgery
by: Liz

It is a shock isnt it? I've had Crohn's for 5 years and have had my colon removed and over a metre of small bowel and frequency is a major problem for me too. I visit the toilet on average 15-20 times a day. They didnt tell me quite how bad it would get prior to surgery so it came as quite a shock. I find Imodium is ok and does lessen loo visits but once it wears off things are even worse so I keep use of it to when I absolutely have to go out somewhere. My doctors are looking at doing a stem cell transplant which have had good results in trials overseas so there is hope on the horizon for people like us.
I do hope things improve for you - its a tough disease to live with.

increased frequency
by: kelly

Hi, I am 30, and have crohns for past 10yrs, I have just had major bowel surgery. I can definitely feel for u because I go to the bathroom frequently and the urgency is quite severe. I have 3 young children so trying to fit everything around this is a strain but u do adapt but it does leave u exhausted. I am taking loperamide which slows things down some what, its the useful thing that helps at present. Take care.

i'm the same
by: Anonymous

I am the same as you got Crohns and go to the toilet 8-10 times a day, and that is a normal day when I am having a flare up it's much worse, but chin up you learn to deal with it :)

going to bathroom so much
by: susie

My sister started taking imodium and it has helped her, also probiotics.

She does not go as often.

good luck

by: Anonymous

My friend, I have Crohns for going on 25 years, Have most of my Intestinal Tract Small & Large (Lost a little of both a few years back) and still go 6-8 times a day. With that I am stable and able to work, just need to be aware of it. Hang in there.

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