connection between ulcerative colitis and crohns.

by sheena bennett
(scotland UK)

I have UC and had an ileostomy 2007, now undergoing investigation for crohns, is this common to have both?

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by: Anonymous

My understanding is you can only have one. Many are misdiagnosed with ulcerative colitis when in fact it is crohn's

Yes it is true. you can have both at the same time
by: Anonymous

I was born with both. My first surgery was at age 18, almost died. I've had several surgeries since then and have lost most of my intestines. Now not only and I dealing with crohns, but now I have to deal with shortgut syndrome, and dumping syndrome.

My question to all is how can I gain weight when I'm not eating anything because when I do I get sick. But I still gain weight. I am the heaviest I have ever been nothing helps.

UC and Chrons
by: Connie

My doctor sent blood work to California. She said this would tell which disease I had for sure. I had several colonoscopies and a scope down the throat. That doctor (a different one) diagnosed me with crohns. The bloodwork came back as UC. My new gastro said I had both. Go figure. I wish I knew. I just go to the bathroom all the time!!! Good luck!

Not both
by: Cindy

Never heard of anyone having both. Crohn's can get inflamed from your rectum to your throat and UC is confined to intestines.


I applied for DLA benefit but was turned down, I am in the process of appealing but reall don't know if it is worth it because of the fact sometimes you are in remission and probably won't get it.

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