confused about crohns disease

by scott
(bristol uk)

i am currently having a flair up after an endoscopy with a biopsy. I have currently had surgery for a fistula. i am also suffering really bad dry eye. they put plastic plugs in my tear ducts so i can make the most of the little tears i do make.Generally i dont feel right in myself and havent done for a long long time. i guess i have become used to it over time. For me it is feeling extremely tired lack of get up and go. I tend to get some pain down on my right side and that can then spread across. it doesnt tend to be as bad as alot of people on here not enough to hospitalize. which i thank my lucky stars.I tend to find myself getting nausea alot with food and i go through bouts of constipation and then loose stools. I was first diagnosed 11 years ago and that was the last flair up i had silly me i believed it had gone away but for the last year or so is when i started not to feel myself. they have put me on prednisilone 3 weeks ago and i have my follow up appointment in june 6th.The reason i am writing this is because i feel a little bit lost with it all. i am 34 and have 3 children so i am always busy with family life and work so sometimes it is hard to put your illness first. does the way i am feeling sound part of the flair up and could this have been coming on for a long time. I havent really got much information from the hospital i feel i have been rushed through with little info.i have been on prednisilone for 3 weeks now and to be honest i am not feeling hugely better. how long does the meds tend to make a big differents. any info would be hugely appreciated. the main thing i want is to have my get up and go back. has anyone else felt this
many thanks scott

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