colonoscopy next week/possibly crohn's

by mesheala
(indian land, sc)

Thinking back to when you first noticed changes in your body/possible crohns type symptoms, how often were you having flare ups? Mine are happening every other week or so. Started with a lot of D, and severe stomach bloating, lot of anal inflammation, and back pain. Crohns is in my family so I'm very scared to say the least. Went to ER on Saturday after 15 watery d's, trouble breathing and feeling so weak. Checked for blockage, but none, thank goodness. I had so much anal inflammation I'm guessing that it was so difficult for even my watery stool to pass thru. Earlier that day I was experiencing a lot of anal pain. I'm just so scared, I never knew how much people with crohns had to go thru. I'm ashamed I never researched the disease.

I just started to piece my life together after so many years of self denial and failure. Trying to think positive and find inner strength. Blessings to all of you and may everyone find their sense of peace and healing. I hope my colonoscopy goes well on the 24th and I will try to check back often.

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colonoscopy next week/possibly crohn's
by: Anonymous

Changes in psyche can be difficult to control with or without IBD. Pain alone can make one feel like climbing walls and I know how difficult it is to grin and bear anal pain.

In addition, as soon as you start having diarrhoea then you go into a negative energy balance, i.e. more out than in. This is the time to think about supplementing with Ensure-type astronaut drinks, taking a vitamin B-complex (deficiencies of the B vitamins are associated with neurological problems), increasing calcium intake (deficiency associated with depression), magnesium, zinc, vitamin C, oral rehydration solution, etc.

I always think of Frida Kahlo when I have Crohn's pain. She managed to keep herself going with her painting - even on her back in chronic pain in bed.

Is there some hobby you have that you can gently pursue? Even if it is catching up on the latest movies. I like to set myself a small project each day (like spring cleaning a drawer, filing paper work, etc.) and am usually very pleased if I manage to complete it. However, if I feel I unable then I accept it and wait for a day on which I am not so ill and I watch a good film instead.

I think that the trick is to be nice to yourself, accept that you are ill and to set your sights somewhat lower until you feel better. Get plenty of rest, eat good quality food high in vitamins and minerals and comply with your doctor's instructions - in this way you will help your body repair itself.

I read somewhere that over 85% of what we worry about never comes to be. However, worrying is part of human nature and I am not going to tell you not to. Just be aware that you are definitely not alone. Everything that you are going through/have gone through to date has been experienced by others. Not in the same chronological order and not in the exact same constellation, but from my personal experience I definitely empathise with you and understand where you are at.

My suggestions would be to: try Sitz baths, buy a rubber ring/blow up ring to sit on, creams to alleviate the pain, use women's sanitary pads for a bit of cushioning relief. Discuss all of the above with your doctor and/or pharmacist.

I am always totally astounded when I meet Crohn's patients that smoke and abuse themselves in other ways. Lifestyle is very important and don't do things that harm yourself.

I hope that everything goes well. My last colonoscopy I had without any anaesthetic and I also had gastroduodenoscopy in the same session. My goodness did that hurt! The idea behind it was to be able to get up and walk away without hanging around. So it could be worse - you could be as stupid as I am.

Lydia D.

do people with crohns get sick......
by: Anonymous

With other illnesses a lot? I'm the author of first post and I do agree with kim, the mind is horrible thing at times. I worry a lot my symptoms stem from me and how I think. I have been sick non-stop with various illnesses for 3 months now I guess. I'm currently sick with sinusitis and had an upper respiratory infection not but a month ago. I don't smoke. I'm so sick to my stomach right now from stress and mucous. Somebody help please

Crohns is in my family
by: kit campbell

Inherited 'being' on a physical level, comes also from an inherited way of thinking.
Your body is an amazing and intelligent entity, that is currently chronically suffering. It is a barometer for your mind.
I had Crohns for 40 years of my life, with operations removing bowel many times. All the diets you could think of.
Then one day, I stop 'owning' the story that I had Crohns Disease. It's just a name. Came from John Crohns, one of the two American guys who named the physical symptons.
Symptons are not it. The cause is what you need to look at.
Stop right now. Let go of the story.
If anger comes, let it go.
If frustration comes, let that go too.
Just breathe and accept each second that comes and goes.
Accept the pain as it comes and goes.
Start breathing whilst smiling. Start paying attention to the times that you don't have pain.
See how much angst and anger is currently surrounding you. Move away from it.
Start doing things that please you, make you happy.
Hang around people that smile. Keep away from people that frown :)
This will pass, but not if you own it.
I have had no 'symptoms' for 13 years, because I fundamentally changed the way that I think - the way that I was taught to think and consequently, I have changed the way that I look at the world.
One day, hopefully soon, I will finish my book 'The Irritable Brain Syndrome' and help more people :)
Treat this time as a lesson and one day soon, you will look back and be grateful for it :)
Sounds crazy, but it's true :)
Start breathing and smiling NOW !

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