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How long does each bout of chrons disease last for?

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Crohn's Disease NEW
by: Annette Young

Hello there,

It is impossible to predict how long an episode of Crohn's will go on for. It really depends on the actual cause and if you continue to trigger off a response.

Sometimes there seems to be no reason as to why a flare-up occurs but often there is an actual cause/trigger and the hard part is to then uncover it.

Here are some examples of common triggers:

Drinking alcohol,
Eating spicy food
Eating too much fiber
Eating hard to digest food

The best way to find out what is causing any flare-up is to keep a diary that details all food eaten and to record details of any symptoms. This can have some surprising results. You may note common denominators that seem to coincide with a flare-up and these co-incidences are usually relative. If you need to go back to your doctor for further tests, do take your diary with you as this can give the doctor a great deal of information that you would not remember without it.

Crohn's is such a chronic disease that it is difficult to do more than to learn about it and to try to cope with it.

I have attached a link to a web page with some information on this disease. This may be useful.

Best wishes,


it depends
by: Tod

It depends on so many different factors. Sometimes changing your diet can shorten the span of the flare up. Sometimes the time of year(My attacks are actually longer in the winter time). Medication, in some instances, helps to releive physical stresses.
Give me an example of the duration of your attacks, and the catalyst, and maybe I can help you better.

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