Chrons disease

by keeley farrell

Hi, Can someone help me, i need to find out if crohns is registered as a disability as i'm applying for a job in the police force and need to know if it is or not. Thanks in advance

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my views,
by: mary, ireland

crohns, is not regonised as a disabilaty, at least not in ireland, so you go for your job, anyone with chrons, who has a job to go to, very rarely, takes time off work, colds, migraines, sickness, nothing stops them attending there job, beacuse the person with crohns, knows what real pain, is, and wont take a day off, something that is really, nothing to them, so you go for it, good luck, and i wish you good healt, in your future,

me to
by: shaun

i was going to try a job in the army but because of my illness (crohns) it was a no and the navy 2 im now looking about a part time job now.

by: Anonymous

It is a great benefit that you will be able to get health insurance with a job like that. Many people cannot get health insurance if they have a diagnosis of Crohn's.

Chron's Disease
by: JoAnne

No Chron's disease is not a register. You will even have a had time getting disablity with it unless you have it have had many many surgeries and have a great attorney to get disablity. I am fighting and have been fighting for 3 years. So if you have your Crohn's under control go get your job and work as long and enjoy it. I did and now I want to work so back, but can't I am stuck at home. Good luck and work as long and as much as you can. They don't need to know you have Crohn's unless you have to go to the restroom so much that it some other people you work with would think you are just trying to get out of work. Are be up front and tell them and tell them you have it under control. I worked with mine under controled for 8 years with little problems here and there. Fo got it don't miss out on life.

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