chron's disease and coconut

can shredded coconut in a pie cause the intestines to hurt simeone who has chron"s disease

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Coconut oil kills antibiotic resistant infection
by: Anonymous

My daughter has SIBO and despite treatment with antibiotics remains chronically ill. I added cocoanut oil to her protocol and it is definitely killing off pathogens. I know her die off response all too well.

Crohn's and Coconut
by: Annette Young

Hello there,

I agree with Peter in that potentially it might be the course fiber that has irritated the bowl but typically coconut or rather coconut oil, has been found to be beneficial (allegedly) to many with digestive tract diseases including crohn’s disease.

According to those converts who endorse coconut oil, it has many healing effects and anti-inflammatory properties too. It can help to soothe any inflamed part of the digestive tract and can help to heal.

According to research, coconut water is excellent for everyone to take and not just ideal for Crohn's sufferers. It is being labelled as a super food simply because it has an abundance of antioxidants, vitamins, minerals enzymes and amino acids. But there is more, coconut water also contains potassium calcium, and magnesium among other things.

In case you are wondering it is the oil of the nut (also known as the fruit) that makes medicine. It has a wide variety of health uses including use for crohn’s sufferers but is used for IBS, underactive thyroid conditions as well as for chronic fatigue. Coconut oil can be used for weight loss too even though it has a high saturated fat content. Some crohn’s sufferers swear by it but it has not been proven to be an alternative treatment.

For further information about coconut oil, check out this link.

If anyone has any feedback about their experiences with coconut or coconut oil -good or bad, please do let us know.


Cocoanut pie...
by: Peter Bray

Could be the cocoanut pie is far too fibrous and the coarse fiber may irritate the ulcerated colon--

Peter Bray, Benicia, CA

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