Chrons and inflamed feet

by Mi chelle Vannucci


I am 29 and have Chrons for 11 years i had a flare up in Dec07 and at the same time my joints on my toes became red and inflamed, so much that i couldn't even walk,my chrons is fine now but still cannot hardly walk has anybody had anything similar?

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Crohn's and Joint Pain NEW
by: Annette

Hi there,

Sorry to hear that you are going through such a bad time health-wise. Sadly, inflammation of the joints affects about 1 in 3 of those people who have Crohn's.

Typically it affects the joints in the arms and legs but it can impact any joint including wrists, knees, ankles and elbows. Some people certainly do report swelling in their hands and feet too with symptoms very similar to rheumatoid arthritis. Is it very painful or are you experiencing greater levels of stiffness? Are you taking anything currently to help?

Fortunately the symptoms usually improve once you are on treatment for Crohn's and there is generally no long-term harm to the joint. Have you been to see the doctor about this? It is worth them checking that it is related to the Crohn's and not caused by anything else. It may be that you need alternative medicine for the Crohn's too assuming that the two are linked.

Do try to keep as much mobility and flexibility in the affected joints even if weight-bearing is difficult.

Crohn's disease can affect people in multiple ways and this is why it can be difficult to diagnose and to treat. The symptoms can also change. It might be an idea to keep a diary of when you feel worse and to see if there are any particular triggers that make things worse for you. Do go back to the doctor though.

I hope this reassures you a little that you are not the only one going through something like this and do let us know of any results or different symptoms.

Has anyone else had any joint pain associated with their Crohn's disease? I would be really interested to hear your views and your experiences may well help others.

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