chronic diahhrea

i have had chronic diahhera for at least two years. terrible gas ensuses throut the day, some times this diahhrea is incontrollable during the day always worst in the moring medications seroquel pristiq, blood presure medication inthe last two months and occasonally trazidone help me. have had a colonoscopy in the last two years, no problems

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Chronic diarrhea NEW
by: Annette

Hello there,

I am so sorry to hear that you are suffering with chronic diarrhea, I can completely sympathize, my mother was diagnosed with Crohn's a long time after she had terrible bouts of diarrhea and she lost a lot of weight and was terribly ill as a result, they did eventually get it under control.

I am assuming that a doctor has diagnosed you with Crohn's and is currently treating you for it? Diarrhea is a very common side-effect of Crohn's disease and it occurs because the inflammation of the intestine secretes water and salt in excess, and your colon cannot absorb this much fluid. If you have intestinal cramping as well, this will also contribute.

As well as being unpleasant and life-changing because if your diarrhea is constant, you will be unable to go to work or to live a normal life, please note that diarrhea can be life threatening and it should never, ever be ignored. Drink plenty of water as you can become dehydrated very quickly.

I wouldn't even recommend taking over the counter medicines for it in case of side-effects. Go right back to your doctor and explain how bad it is. There are lots of different medications that can help.

You may well be eating less than normal because you are worried about the end product but you could be missing out on important nutrients. Your doctor may prescribe supplements.

I know how horribly embarrassing and awkward it can be but you really do need to go and get help. It may well be a lot easier to resolve than you think but either way, you cannot keep on as you are.

I wish you much luck and better health.

Has anyone else suffered with the extremes of diarrhea? What treatment did you get prescribed and did it help?

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