Chrohns Disease

by Haley

Hi all, I was diagnosed with Chrohn's Disease at the age of eight and was put on a steroid kind of medication. The doctor told myself and whoever was giving me the tablets to wear gloves and if the skin comes in contact with the steroids it could make you not have children but i was taking them through my mouth so does this mean i can't have children??

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ankieta NEW
by: Kasia

Witam! Jestem studentką pielęgniarstwa i piszę pracę na temat choroby Crohna i mam pytanie czy wypełnisz mi ją?

Crohn's Disease NEW
by: Lydia D.

I don't think that it was corticosteroids that you were receiving; they do not change DNA, do not cause infertility and they are enteric coated and can be handled by others no problem. You need to ensure that you have copies of all of your medical notes - this saves on the guess work.

I think also that you are confusing anabolic steroids with corticosteroids. The anabolic steroids are body-building steroids and can cause infertility. You definitely did not receive these as an 8 year old from a doctor.

You were most likely on Azathioprine (aka Imuran) or 6-Mercaptopurine (aka Purinethol) or possibly, but less likely, Methotrexate. The latter drugs are all cytostatics. They are steroid-sparing and can change the DNA. They are given to children preferentially because corticosteroids stunt growth.

The cytostatic tablets are not enteric coated and they should not be handled by non-patients. Hence, the advice to your parents, who were of child-bearing age when you were 8 and were giving you the medication. You must not take cytostatics if you are pregnant or are trying to get pregnant.

You need to be worked up by a gynaecologist (woman) or a urologist (man) to find out whether or not you are infertile. However, I think that it is very unlikely. Crohn's patients have children all the time. This explains why there are so many Crohn's cases nowadays. The likelihood of passing it on to your children is anywhere between around 8 and 35%.

A major reason for infertility in Crohn's patients is malnutrition/malabsorption with moderate to severe disease. It is important that you eat properly and avoid fast food, colas, sodas and general rubbish in packets. Good wholesome home cooking is called for. Smoking, alcohol, street drugs, excessive caffeine, bad nutrition, lack of exercise, obesity, toxin exposure, all decrease fertility, as do certain medical conditions.

I suggest that you do some reading on the subject and get yourself up to date.

Drug side-effects and interactions:

Crohn's Disease

Diagram: where what is absorbed in the intestine:

Vitamin and Mineral Fact Sheets

steroids NEW
by: Anonymous

i completely agree about long term steroids being given to soooo many patients with chrons althoug you seem to be getting better it can mask the true styptoms of the chrons disease flaring up. have got severe nerves problems and have bad knees, bad hands and bad hips. reason being they weaken your bone structure. unless absolutely necessary i suggest no to STERIODS !!!!!!!!!!!!

Steroids... NEW
by: Peter Bray

Steroids were a poison to my daughter Cathy Bray, now deceased from Crohns at age 44...causing steroid psychosis and psych ward hospitalization more than once--BEWARE steroids and become an advocate for your own long-term health---

My "War on Crohns" dealing with Cathy's battle with Crohn's Disease for 24 years is available free as a pdf file by e-mail...

Write me for a copy at

Peter Bray
Benicia, CA

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