child suffering please offer advice

my 11 year old daughter is suffering she has crohn's and was diagnosed eight long months ago. she is on about her tenth medicine. does any one have any advice on help with the pain??

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child suffering NEW
by: Annette Young


Thanks for your question. I hope that things improve for your daughter. I always think that it is really horrible to hear or see a child suffer with this condition as you feel so helpless. Research indicates that approximately 20-30% of patients who have Crohn's disease have experienced symptoms when they were younger than 20 years old.

When children have problems with the small intestine, there is often mal-absorption along with the symptoms;

Abdominal pain
Weight loss
Deceleration of growth

Sometimes pain and symptoms can be eased by watching the dietary intake profusely and identifying if there are any triggers that are causing flare-ups and continuous pain. Your daughter should eat very plain and basic food that is very easy to digest. Mashed potatoes, soups, stews will all ease the symptoms of digestion. But eradicate fizzy drinks too. Some Crohn's sufferers find they are lactose intolerant so check this out.

Get her to rest as much as possible and to introduce short bursts of relaxation and meditation as this can help. I would suggest 10-15 minute guided sessions because children invariably have less focus and concentration levels.

Medications can include corticosteroids to help suppress an overactive immune system although repeated use is avoided where possible.
Doctors may suggest TNF blockers or look at controlling bacteria growth

I can only imagine how frustrating it is for you but I hope that the symptoms start to ease and that the disease is under control shortly.

I hope this helps.


son with Crohns
by: Anonymous

My son is now 9 years old and was diagnosed with Crohns when he was 6 - he went on every medication available and finally went on Remicade. He is having surgery in the next month or so, but the drug still works wonders. It is believed taht the damage was done prior to Remicade and thats why the surgery is necessary.
See if your daughter is a candidate for Remicade.

kids with crohns
by: mrs davie

my 12 year old daughter was diagnosed with crohns in dec 2006
She was put on prednisilone straight away to manage the flare up & kept well for 2 years with the help of pentassa & iron tablets.
This is now her second flare up & a new oral liquid diet was prescibed called modulen.
she now has a nasel gastric tube due to the volume that she had to take orrally.
Dont lose hope it can be managed with a bit of insight & a lot of patience, i as a parent was not keen to try steroids again on a pubescent girl.
Modulen can restrict the family for the period of weeks its prescribed, but the change after two weeks on this was enormous

Child with crohns
by: Anonymous

Hi there my son 12 was dx with Crohns disease about 5 years ago and stayed in a lot of pain with continous flars. He is currently on Remicaid infusion for the last 2 yrs and it has been the best thing that has happen to us. Before Remicaid he would have abcess and fistular all the time. Maybe you should inquire about the Remicaid. By the way, he is no longer on any other medications besides Multi Vit and Calcium.

Son 13 has help with...
by: Anonymous

My son is 13 and was diagnosed over 3 years ago. We have had our ups and downs but more ups than downs. He seems to hold steady on Pentasa 1000mg twice a day as well as Endocort 9mg once a day. He takes his normal iron and vitamin C daily. Other than that he hasn't had to change his diet or make any other drastic changes. Hope this helps!

response to daughter with Crohn's
by: Anonymous

My 11 year old son was diagnosed a year ago. He is on Remicade infusions now which seem to be working. He tried other medications first. He was also on steroids to put him back into "remission" several weeks ago. We tried 6mp but it didn't "hold him". We have great doctors at Hopkins that have been very helpful. He was taking 15 pills a day until the infusions "kicked in". It is difficult having this disease in Middle School. I also obtained a 504 plan to have in place in school in case he needs it (extended time on assignments, assistance with make-up work when absent, automatic pass to bathroom without raising hand and waiting). What medications have you tried and do you have good doctors?

help for crohns
by: Anonymous

Hi there. My daughter is 12 and was disagnosed with Crohns a few months ago, after suffering for years. It was to the point that she would scream with pain and couldn't stand up. We rarely left the house. She was put on a feeding tube, which although seemed quite appaling at first, has been a complete Godsend. Within 3 days, she was just about back to her old self!!

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