chemotherapy for crohn's

by Heidi

I have Crohns I was just went to my doctor and he is telling me that the first of the year i will be starting chemotherapy for my Crohn's. I have never heard of Crohn's and chemotherapy working together. If there is anyone that has had chemotherapy done for Crohn's or knows anything about it please let me know. I need all the help and support you can give. I never knew how much i kind word could help someone, it put a little hope in your life. thanks for any information you can give.

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I was diagnosed with chrons this February
by: Brian

Hey name is Brian 39 yrs of age from cedar Rapids Iowa and I was diagnosed with chrons this Feb my chrons is some what under control but it is ruining my life I am in the bathroom all the time I cant enjoy my life any more is there any treatment that can put chrons in remession

Chemotherapy For Crohn's
by: Ken

I have been down that route with my consultant. The treatment was administered using tablets. Unfortunately, I suffered SEVEN infections in FIVE MONTHS. Up until this time I had never suffered an infection in my life (40 yrs). The result being an emergency operation as a result of excruciating pain and a infection bursting in outpatient department in front of the consultant. They removed the infected parts of the intestines and had to clean the entire upper and lower bowel of the infection. I spent 11 days in hospital and a further two months at home recovering.

this really helps alot!!!!
by: Anonymous

i was diagnosed with chrons about 4 years ago and it has been resistant to any treatment.this week i was diagnosed with cancer. i was really worried how the chemo would effect my chrons. i am glad to hear 1 peice of decent news this week!!!

New York
by: Jessica

My Nephew got diagnosis with Crohn's about 6mths ago he started with Remicade thru IV Therapy but had a bad reaction to the drug so was switch to Humirva every 2weeks but now he's starting it every week because it wears off after 7days now the doctor is talking about Chemotherapy I was a bit shock cause I never heard of that until yesterday because his Inflammation is flaring up again & his blood levels are elevated for Kidney & Liver Emzymes waiting on stool sample if it comes back with blood then the doctor will admit him into the hospital ASAP he's only 14 yrs old just started High School & because of his condition he misses out so much in his teenage years especially High School those are where most memories comes from as we get older I really hope & PRAY that the doctor can find some medication that can control his flare ups so he can have a normal teenage life!! If anyone knows of more information & can share it I would really appreciate it <3 I pray for everyone who has this Disease for one day to be a cure because it is an Incurable disease God Bless You ALL :-)

Chemotherapy for Crohns
by: Ken

Hi Jason, exactly how long have you been taking 6MP and what side affects are you experiencing and what side affects are you aware of?

Chemotherapy for Crohns
by: Ken

Hi Jason, exactly how long have you been taking 6MP and what side affects are you experiencing and what side affects are you aware of?

I think chemo is the main treatment for crohns
by: jason

I'm taking 6MP, also known as Mercaptopurine. It's chemotherapy and I think it's probably one of the most widely used meds for Crohn's.

I just started taking it and it does have some side affects but on the whole I think I'm starting to feel better with my Crohn's so I'm excited to maybe start to have a normal life again.

There are other less serious treatment options for Crohn's so you may want to try these first if you haven't.

Never heard of this
by: Cindy

Of course all doctors have different treatments,but I have never heard to this. I do take a cancer drug Purinethol. Let me know more about it if you get more responses. He is not talking about iv therapy with something like remicade is he?

if dis helps
by: shane

hey jst new 2 d website but had crohns 4 last 17yrs an im 23 now.em havnt heard of ne1 ben given dat treatmnt method unless on humira r puri-nethol and non responsive n d bloods show turned into full on leukemia which den most likely it has a chance2 work.stay positive dow if u r doin it coz u need evry1 at ur side 4 it trust me?!

Kind words do help
by: Charlene

I have been on Methotrexate injection (chemo)since March of this year. Not sure how it works concerning crohn's and I have yet to go into remmision, wish though. I have read alot on Crohn's disease and it seems more and more that chemo is being used with a good success rate. Good luck on your journey, and wish you the best.

Chron's and chemo
by: Teresa

Hi Heidi,

I know someone that will start chemo next week for her chron's...and she just finished surgery and has a temporary bag.
Did you have your chemo; are you feeling better? are what form of chemo did you have to have? any info you can send would be great...she's really depressed. tx,
hope you're doing well!

by: Charlene

Hi Heidi

My Name is Charlene I'm 42 and from Elmira Ontario, Canada. I was Diagnosed with Crohn's/Colitis February of this year. When it was explained to me that they were going to treat it chemotherapy and steriods I was floored, but have been on Methotrexate (chemo) Prednisone (steriods) and Salofalk. Not sure how it all works concerning Crohn's but it is nice to know I'm not alone. If you have any questions don't hesitate to write.

by: Anonymous

I have been taken a chemotherapy pill for over a year now, and I have had a good experience with it. I feel really good. The only downside is that since it suppresses my immune system (which is why it works against crohns) I always get whatever seasonal bug is going around. My doctor tells me that I will probably be taking this pill the rest of my life, but so far I havent experienced any side effects.

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