Can't Swallow Pills.....any other method to help crohns?

by Matt

Hello, I have crohns disease and have had it for 3 years. I have had to medical insurance in that 3 years so have had no medication or anything done about and have had to be in pain and misery. I am trying to find some medicine but the problem is that I cannot swallow pills. I am trying and trying and trying but the pills (such as Lialda or Asacol) are just so big.

Does anyone know of any type of liquid medication or anything for crohns. I don't think there is because it needs to make it down to your intestines but thought it would be worth a shot to ask someone here.

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I'm here to help NEW
by: Andrew Bruskin


I've had Crohn's since 2011. To make a long story short, I know for a fact that you can break the Pentasa pill, because it is the tiny capsules, NOT the big pill, that gets through the stomach acids and into the intestinal tract.

Break the pill and put the tiny capsules in pudding, yogurt, etc. Make sure not to bite down on the capsules with your teeth. It works. My symptoms have subsided and I have regained most of the weight I have lost.

I hope this helps. Don't listen to the pharmacy or GI's when they say not to break the big pill. The pill does not last more than several minutes in the stomach. To test this, put the tiny capsules in water. They will not break down. Put the big pill in water and it will break down within minutes.

I was in so much stress about this before I figured out it was the tiny capsules that mattered. I hope this helps.

con't swallow ineed help

please my wife cannot eat or swallow any thing she feel pain in her troth thank you

by: Anonymous

My daughter has Crohn's and she can not take pills. I get her meds from a compounding pharmacy. She needs to go on Pantesa and they are trying to see if they can compound it for her.

by: Andi- Fort Worth

I take Pentasa. It is a gel cap with small beads that are designed for intestinal release. I remember when I had my wisdom teeth removed, my GI had me empty the pills and mix with applesauce. Talk to your GI- if he can't work with you to find a solution- look for a new GI- I went through a lot of frustrating docs before finding one that would really help me find solutions.

can`t swallow tablets
by: delilah

Hi Matt,
Would it be possible to crush the tablets to a powder and take them that way? It`s all about taking the medication that works,in whatever way you can to achieve relief.
You could ask your doctor if your medication is available in granules.
Hope this helps.

by: Anonymous

I can't either. Sometimes I wonder if my problem is psychological, I can swallow them but then I throw them up less than 30 minutes later or I gag as I'm swallowing and they don't stay down either. Would love to take meds but I'm at a loss

i'm in the same boat
by: Anonymous

i have the same problem. i have crohns and i can't swallow pills don't feel bad.i wish i could help you but i'm trying to find other methods to.i hope someone can help us both out.

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