Can't find a support group that is not on-line, help!

by Stephanie
(Denver, Colorado)

I have a very good friend, who has a daughter with Crohn's disease and is suffering terribly. She is 24 years old, she has been in and out of hospitals many times over the last 6 months. Her cobra ins. is due to run out in February, we are working on her getting her insurance(impossible)or some government funded insurance, medicare/medicade, however, she is in no condition to look for a job let alone try to work, so she has no income. She has an attorney that is not charging for helping her get SS/dis, he will take his $'s out of her back short term ins. She is on food stamps and my friend said she could live with him temp. and she turned him down and her mother said absolutely not. She has no access to the internet or emial, so why can't I seem to find a support group that is an "in-person" group?

This girl's life is spiraling out of control and she really needs help. Once we can get her to some sort of stable (as stable as one can be) point, then she is going to have to work on taking much better care of herself. She has been a HUGE contributor to her circumstances, not the point right now. I need help digging her out of the hole she has helped dig and then she can work things out from there. I truly feel that this young woman may loose her life to this disease and not too far into the distant future. It is critical that I find some help and some solutions.

The reason I am doing the leg work is due to the Fathers work schedule and huge responsibilities to his wife and younger children that he has now. His finances do not allow him to help her in any kind of substantial way. I would take her in and help her the best I could. Circumstances won't allow for that at this time.

I would really appreciate any kind of information in regards to help for any/all of the above or anyone that has had a very similar experience.


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Support Group
by: Butterflybugs

I know about the insurance problem and the SS disabliity. I have been working on my case for almost 3 years. You need to see if she can get in to the section 8 program or housing for a place to live. Check with your VFW or your Shriners to help with her medical. I haven't got that for but I am almost. You work so hard to get some were and you are hit with a illness that you can not controll and you become depress and you are not wanting to help your own self. You are a good friend. I will keep her in my prayers.

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