cancer or crohn's?

I am still waiting to see a surgen for a biopsy. I am getting a bit frightened and have been searching the net for my own answers (as you do). Been diagnosed with ct scan thickening of walls small intestine, reactive hypoglycemia, elevated ggt levels, elevated white blood cell count. Was told it was celiacs or lymphomia of small intestine (celiac test negative so just left with cancer option). No one has mentioned possibility of Crohn's? but looking about the web it seems a possibility. Was any one told at first that they probably have cancer?. My whole body hurts, I have constant loose BM, too fatigued to work and very scared
Thankyou essie

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Cancer or Crohn's? NEW
by: Annette Young

I hope by now you will have had your results and a correct diagnosis. I can completely understand how terrifying it can be. Crohn's and cancer are not nice options but I do often feel that not knowing is worse because then you don't know how to treat it, and are in a kind of limbo.

I do agree with Lydia that it could still easily be celiac disease. I know many people who suffer with very similar symptoms and have had negative results back on their tests.

Certainly there could be varying factors at play here although we shouldn't try to diagnose. Crohn's symptoms can make your body hurt, cause diarrhea or constipation and certainly make you feel extremely fatigued.

Did you try a gluten free diet? I would be very interested to know if that helped at all. If you are able, I think it would be good to share your experiences with others because you will know first hand the fear that people experience before and during diagnosis.

I hope the results have been favourable for you.

Best wishes,

Annette Young

cancer or crohn's? NEW
by: Lydia D.

I would be wary of discounting Coeliac disease at this stage. Frequently patients tests come up negative:

They should do gastroduodenoscopy and look at the villi - these disappear with coeliac disease. Try sticking to a gluten-free diet for the next few weeks. Gluten is found in aromas and, hence, lots of packaged and fast-foods.

The problem with coeliac disease is that is can cause cancer if left untreated. Only the doctors can give you a diagnosis. As you are aware, Crohn's can cause elevated white blood cells and thickening of the intestinal wall.

Good luck with the diagnosis. Make sure you obtain copies of all your medical reports and get a second opinion if necessary.

cancer or chrons NEW
by: Anonymous

i have chrons disease and it is in the small and large bowel, so it could very well be chrons. like the previous statement get a good gastroentorogist, coloscopys are very good and can see alot more than any other tests

Cancer or Chron's response... NEW
by: Peter Bray

Get yourself a good gastroenterologist, have a colonoscopy and ask to see it in camera view form, photos of ulcerations, locations, severity, etc...Crohn's usually is in the colon, not the small intestine, but any part of the digestive system from anus to mouth, eyes (iritis), tongue blisters may be involved...I know nothing about cancer...Dr. Natasha McBride's book, "Gut and Psych Syndrome, GAPS Diet" also relates to brain dysfunction due to toxins in the blood being systemic and running throughout the body--Cathy's early bipolar symptoms we believe were due to her Crohn's and further complicated by Prednisone steroid psychosis requiring psych ward hospitalizations, several...

Peter Bray, Benicia, CA
24 years fighting Crohn's with my daughter,
now passed away due to same, 2/24/12

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