Can someone with Crohns live a normal life?

by Noora
(Kingdom Of Bahrain)

Since the age of 9 my brother had suffered from many infections and cramps, diarrehea, bloody stools. We went to several doctors and none seemed to know what was going on. For the past 2 years he was being treated in Great Ormand Street Hospital in London, unfortunately recent results have shows that he's getting worse and the medications showed no improvement in his case, so last week after having a colonoscopy in our country he was diagnosed with crohns. Today he is 13. He lives a normal life and is on humira and other different medications. He is very patient and we always try our best as a family to avoid what's bad for him and provide him with foods which are good for him, he is trying his best to improve. My question is will he be able to live a normal life through out his life? And will crohns be cured? We are from the middle east and we are in desperate help to find the best doctor\hospital in the US for such case after the shocking results from Great Ormand Street hospital which is well known for being one of the worlds best hospitals. Any suggestions??

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Living a normal life NEW
by: Annette Young

Hello there,

Thank you for your post.

I am so sorry to hear that your brother has been suffering with Crohn's disease. In one respect it is a blessing that he has had his diagnosis because now he can be treated accordingly and specialists can recommend him to have the most suitable medication and this hopefully will keep the disease under control.

Many people go on to enjoy productive lives and fingers crossed, it will be the same for your brother. It must be very hard for you and the rest of your family to see him suffer but on a positive note, Crohn's disease can suddenly seem to go into remission and he may well live a pain-free life for some years but, there's always the potential for flare-ups.

Sadly, there is no known cure for Crohn's disease at this time but who's to say that in the future a cure will not be found? In the meantime your brother can help himself along with your support, and try to approach life in a more holistic manner and this means not simply considering the disease but how it affects the whole body and the environment that he is in. Food is a big consideration. He should stay off of greasy foods, reduce dairy products, avoid fizzy drinks and really, his food should be plain and simple and very easy to digest.

He will need a well-balanced diet and to ensure that his nutritional needs are taken care of. Many people with Crohn's find they do not absorb their nutrients and are deficient in certain vitamins and minerals and this should be addressed if and when necessary. Some people become deficient of iron due to inner bleeding too.

Crohn's disease affects people very differently and so your brother needs to keep an eye on his condition. The best thing that you can do is to try and keep his morale up and to stay positive.

I really hope this helps

Best wishes,


yes we can live normal lives NEW
by: Anonymous

Crohns does not have a cure as yet. I live with it everyday. I work as a chef and although i have good days n bad i live an active normal life. Lits of herbs chinese remedies n actupunctor have helped me stay as healthy as possible.

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