Can I be DX with Crohns at the age of 38?

by Mray

Hi, I am a 38 yr old woman that has just started having symptoms that sound like it may be crohns disease. My 12 year old son was DX about 5yrs ago but no one else in our family has it. I have been having a diffcult time when going to the bathroom to have a BM. I thought that I had hemmoroids because there was something hanging on the right side of my rectum and felt like I was being cut while using the bathroom. Long story short I told by the ER doctor that I had a skin tag there but I think that it may be a fishular. Can someone tell me the difference between a hemmoroid, skin tag or fishular? Thank for any help given.

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Yes you can NEW
by: Anonymous

Yes you can be 38, and have a new dx of chrons. I just got dx at 38 and have never been to the dr for abd pain, no diarrhea, no nothing, honestly. Just hospitalized for colitis two months ago, had a colonoscopy, The biopsy showed chrons and blood test showed chrons. its crazy but i still have no symptoms except the biopsy and blood test. Although i have a history of rheumatoid arthritis. but i have not been on meds for that in years. So i have to take asacol now. My dr even said it is rare to be 38 and have new chrons, but it is possible. Good luck

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