Bowel problems

by Wajid ali
(U.K )

Hi my name is Wajid.

i think im suffering from crohn disease. im always getting pain in my stomach and whenever i eat something, i go to toilet. i went to doctor and doctor told me thay ive got problem with my bowel system. can you tell me how can i treat this illness.


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Diagnosis and symptoms NEW
by: Annette

Hi there,

Sorry to hear you are having bad health problems. Crohn's disease can go un-diagnosed for a long time as there are other conditions which can mask it. Nevertheless, you need to have a proper diagnosis before thinking about treatments.

Common symptoms of Crohn's include:

recurring diarrhoea
cramping and abdominal pain which is often worse after food.
extreme tiredness
weight loss

There are other symptoms worth knowing about:

Feeling sick or actually being sick
Joint pain and/or swelling of the joints
Irritation or inflammation of the eyes
Blood or mucus in stools

You need to monitor how you feel and make as many notes as possible so that when you go to your doctor, you can provide them with invaluable information which will help to afford a correct diagnosis. Then, the doctor will start you on a course of treatment.

Best of luck.

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