bowel movement while sleeping

does anyone else soil their bed while sleeping? this is very embarrasing

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Bowel movement while sleeping NEW
by: Annette Young

Hi there,

Thank you for writing in with your question.
I know it must be worrying and horribly embarrassing for you but believe me you are not alone. Unfortunately, this is a side-effect of the condition.
Incontinence like this is not uncommon and can even be caused as excess air is released, some people find that they experience leakages whilst others get caught through experiencing chronic pain and cannot get to the bathroom in time.

Some people with Crohn's disease have learned that it is best to carry additional underwear and wet wipes just so they can repair the 'damage' when caught in an uncompromising situation.

The worst thing that can happen as a result of this is for anxiety to set in. if you start worrying about it or fearing it, you will never get any respite from it. And it is something that might happen occasionally during certain flare-ups.It may not consistently happen.

There are two positive things to do:

1. Be prepared. Carry additional clothes and underwear, tissues etc
2. Learn to laugh about it.

Do discuss this with your doctors and it is possible that they may be able to help.

I know it is not easy but you really are not alone.
I hope this helps.

Best wishes,

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