Boss issues

by AleM

My boss keeps commenting on how often I go to the bathroom, my other bosses know about my crohns. He's commented on this once to me and 3 or 4 other times to co-workers, what do I do?

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Boss Issues NEW
by: Annette Young

Hello there,

I read this post with great horror. Are we still in the dark ages?

Having worked in the human resources department of a large corporate company for many years, and knowing how understanding we were when employees came to us with health concerns, I am shocked in this day and age that we are still making people feel bad when they have a health condition that is out of their control.

It is not just insensitive that they keep mentioning it, and is most likely discriminating. Having said that I assume you have told your employer that you have Crohn's disease? If not then I would suggest that you do so.

Although I am sure it is not essential to tell your employer of your health problems, it is courtesy and I do feel that would be beneficial for you to discuss your condition and to explain in straightforward terms the effect it has on you. In fact, in the equality act 2010 in the UK, it is unlawful for any employer to ask invasive questions about your health - that is if you are going to a job interview .

But, although they cannot normally probe for information otherwise, you might wish to check your own employment contract. There may be something in the small print.

Please do not feel embarrassed when you go to tell them of your condition because their lack of professionalism has created the situation. I would suggest also that you go in with some literature about Crohn's to support your statements.

It may be that they have no idea what the condition is or the extent of the side-effects and it may be that they are a lot more understanding what you tell them.

I wish you the best of luck,

Re:toilet breaks
by: AleM

Absolutely not!
A bathroom break is a human right, even so. How can u prevent people from going to the toilet?
Here in Australia, everyone is entitled to feel safe and supported at work. Employers have to provide bathroom facilities, a rest place for lunch hours and facilities to either make or buy tea/coffee, it's workplace rights. Your employer obviously hasn't had a good bout of diarrea lately, (not to sound purposely crude) but only us crohnnies get that ours is an invisible illness that is not obvious to others, so I find I literally have to say, if I don't go to the bathroom I have no way to prevent it still happening! I find that opens alot of doors. I no longer care what people think, those u need will stick by u anyway!

toilet breaks
by: Anonymous

Hi i have noticed that my boss has been timing myself and colleagues toilet breaks, and i was wondering if he was allowed to do this?

toilet time
by: richard

hi, i am from the uk and we have lei=gislation in place to help peaople with longer term health issues in the uk it is the DDA or Disability Discrimination Act, you will mostlikely have law that covers discrimination in your home country

Re: boss issues
by: Anonymous

Thanks lydia. There's a similar program at my uni. They have an equity and disability advisor who is a wonderwoman. I pick my timetable earlier than everyone and am separate for exams with no time lost if I take toilet breaks. This service is available to anyone on campus with issues that may effect thier studies. Its a great program. I have noticed the increased awareness here ( in australia) with the national crohns and colitis association launching the cant wait campaign with ads on tv airing regularly. To raise funds and awareness about crohns because even with the 145 000 Aussies that have it... Many are still ignorant. And though I don't let my disease define me... It's a big part of who I am now.. And I need to make sure I'm healthy.


Boss issues
by: Anonymous

Good luck with your studies and your new job hunting. You're right, nobody should put up with being bullied and, unfortunately, sick people are easy targets.

I was watching a documentary on preimplantation diagnostics (PID, gene screening and deselection of in vitro fertilised eggs) and thought "shame that they can't do that for Crohn's. It would have saved me a lot of heartache."

I had two major ops and a minor op and was taking over 20 tablets a day when I was studying business administration. Needless to say, I had to take a very long break in the middle of it all, but I did get it in the end. The Uni was very good about it. I sent them blurb from my doctor and they treated me very well. I was allowed to take my exams separately and eat all the way through. I think that it had a lot to do with the fact that the head of faculty had a niece with Crohn's.

Lydia D.

Re. Boss Issues
by: AleM

Believe me that is not my chosen career. I'm at uni studying education, food technology and textile technology. That was just my casual job. As it turns out my new job, the manager there turned out worse... I told him about my crohns and said that until I got used to the fast pace of the restaurant that I couldn't do two shifts in a row. And after working Friday and exhausting myself he called me at 5pm sat to ask me to work at 6pm.. And when I said no. His attitude towards me totally changed.. Sunday night he yelled at me and made me sweep the floors for an hour during busy service. All the while ensuring he made me feel small and stupid. Suffice to say my stomach was so upset that on tuesday I called and resigned. No job is worth feeling small, and humiliated. And no one has the right to do that. I have had enough with hospitality for now and I'm going to find a job in retail, less strenuous and pays more :)

Boss issues
by: Lydia D.

It can be very difficult with bosses and I empathise. Being upfront can sometimes be very helpful and sometimes not. It is my experience that healthy people find it very difficult to understand what it is like to be ill all the time. It will be an ongoing challenge for the rest of your life.

As most healthy people think that Crohn's is just a spot of diarrhoea, this may help you communicate the disease to others:

You have a very strenuous job and, yes, you may have to rethink your career in the long term.

I hope that all goes well with the new team.

Lydia D.

Re: boss issues
by: AleM

Thanks guys, the restaurant I was working for ended up selling and the new Managers I have know I have crohns and so far so good no complaints... Though it's a much busier restaurant and i am wondering if my health can take it!

boss issues with crohns
by: Anonymous

go to your HR dept tell them you have crohns. Get FMLA papers filled out by your doctor. this will help protect you when you have to be out with the crohns. you may need to ask about social security disability if you cannot work

by: Anonymous

I would tell your boss you have Crohn's disease. They like most people probably don't even know what the disease is. I would tell them it involves the colon and that you don't have the ability that he/they have and probably takes for granted on when you have to go to the bathroom.

If your job is in jeopardy you may have to get a note from your doctor. Hopefully your bosses are not that ignorant.

Good Luck and feel better!

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